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March 21, 2010

Another number goes up

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Happy birthday, Ayrton Senna. And me. And my sister. And… any other famous people who were born today?

Speaking of F1, this year it has gone through a(nother stupid) rule change where refuelling is banned during the race. The effect is… I experience what the F1 fans who have been watching the sports since Ayrton Senna or earlier days feel on the sport’s situation for the past few years.

Damn right it is

I have always noticed F1 have been on the decline, many old-timers have always said that the sports died after Ayrton Senna. For me, I picked it up thanks to Mika Hakkinen. Then Kimi Raikkonen. Now Sebastian Vettel, YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! But this year is simply catastrophic. The ruling made it too communist-ish to be enjoyable.

F1 has become too much like Malaysia. They know the issues/problems they’re facing (I think), yet, they’ve never addressed them quite right/effectively. They’re littered with stupid scandals, and 99% of rumours will come true.

On another note, Alice in Wonderland is rubbish in 2D. It’s like going to bed with Lady Gaga only to be told that she’s lesbian. Pointless. Orz

Ayrton Senna pic from zerotohundred.com
Lord Vader RAAAAAGEEEE from Shin87’s twitpic


May 14, 2008

Kimi 3rd for Turkish GP, it’s a Ferrari 1-3

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Ahh…I’d knew Massa would win, just like Bahrain. He has pretty much mastered these tracks, but that’s about it. Apart from the unpredictable-and-pit-stop-strategy-dependent Monaco, I’d expect Kimi will command a lead from him as easy as drinking champagne on the podium.

Hamilton finished second, that dam McLaren black biatch, he’s pretty much taking opportunity from the fact that Heikki hit Kimi in the first lap, causing damage to the front wing of Kimi’s car, while Heikki had to pit with a punctured tyre. Well, at least Kimi still finishes on the podium, so it’s pretty good I suppose. 2 red devils on the podium is better than 1. Or none.

The best news would have to be that Kimi still leads the world championship title, albeit his lead is cut from 9 to 7 by both Massa and Hamilton. Bah, he’ll win it, muahahhahahahah.

Next stop: Rd 6. GRAND PRIX DE MONACO (Monte Carlo) 25 May

This is a track I doubt Ferrari can be strong. The ones with short wheelbase will be advantageous. Gonna see an interesting race then. This could be BMW’s first chance to win.

April 29, 2008

Kimi won in Spanish GP!! Ferrari 1-2!!

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Yeah, it’s a Ferrari 1-2, with Kimi winning the race!! Massa seemed to have improved to be able to finish second, but we’ll still wait and see. The good news is, Ferrari has taken the lead for constructor’s points against BMW Sauber.

The bad news is, Heikki crashed!! Oh dear, I sincerely hope he’s fine, even if he’s from a McLaren. It’s great to see Kimi celebrated his victory for one millisecond, and then got more concerned about his fellow Finn comrade. Thankfully, he seemed to be all right, and hopefully, he’ll be able to race in Turkey GP next 2 weeks. Could this crash be Heikki’s Kubica-ed process? Ever since Kubica was involved in a horror crash in Canada last year, Kubica has become a scarily fast driver, even faster than his more experienced teammate, Nick Heidfeld!! So hopefully, from now on, Heikki can provide more drama and suspense for this year’s F1 season!! Gambatte, Heikki-san!!

Oh, another good news is Alonso retired the race with some problem with his car, WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAK!!

Somehow, Kimi’s new haircut is……not suitable for him!! He looks like some British football hooligan (Rooney, perhaps?), noooo……why must his hair go T.T?!?!?! That’s why I just take this photo when he’s wearing the cap, looks ok, right? Nevertheless, I’ll still support him!! FORZA KIMI!! FORZA FERRARI!! Yohohoho!!

Next stop: PETROL OFISI TURKISH GRAND PRIX (Istanbul) 11 May

May we have another dominant Kimi victory there, yohohoho.

April 7, 2008

Kimi 2nd in Bahrain!!

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Yeah, he didn’t win it, at least 2nd is better than……everybody else, yohohoho. A Ferrari 1-2, am I hearing some people sighing there’s gonna be a boring 2008 season ahead? Well, I don’t think so, Massa has been particularly good on this track, judging by his last year’s win, he seemed to have perfected this track more than everyone else. We have yet to see whether he can truly drive in any track without traction control.

Worth noting is Hamilton having the McLaren’s lousy car syndrome, dropping from 3rd to 10th, and then he hit Alonso from behind!! Yeah, padan muka Alonso, wakakakakakak!! That caused Hamilton to finish 13th, and Kimi leading the driver’s championship!!

BMW-Sauber looked pretty strong with a 3-4 finish. Speed-wise, they’re definitely behind the Ferrari, but at least both their drivers seem to be very well without traction control. Heck, aside from Massa, everyone seemed to be fine without it. Though Kubica did had a trouble starting the Bahrain GP with wheelspin, I bet it’s got more to do with the car than the driver.

Next stop: Spanish GP, 25-27 April 2008. I’d expect Alonso to be boo-ed by his home fans, wakakakak. No longer the world champion, eh?

Anyway, I noticed that they don’t use champagne, but some non-alcoholic beverage to substitute champagne for the podium finishers. I wonder what abt Malaysia? AFAIK, they do use champagne, why didn’t they change it? Pakatan Rakyat could use this as a proof that we’re a secular state rather than Islamic state, yohohohoho.

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