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January 16, 2011

Money, Fame, and “Friends”

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Hi everyone, The Social Network (TSN) is the latest movie I watched. Very well advertised, especially on the internet, some even say it’s better than Inception (sorry, I disagree cuz I’m a Chris Nolan fanboy).



January 2, 2011

Starting 2011 with wisdom

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Epic speech is epic

Aww, this came so late it ended up being the first post for year 2011. Nevertheless, it had good points, so that sounds like a good starter, right?

Dr Mahathir. Opinions are so wide about him, ranging from being the best Malaysian PM ever or a self-serving corrupt racist. Well, I only want to judge him through my personal encounter with him at the World Congress Of Accountants (WCOA).

He’s one of the speakers in that event. He talked about being a doctor by training, so he know nuts about finance when he became the PM. But he had advisors so that helped. So that’s the intro.

Next, he talked about the evil of printing money. Which is what is happening in the West. It’s short-term, and the repercussion will be worse. Yea yea, actually he talked in greater details, but I just want to type the summary that’s simple enough for anyone to understand.

He talked about Look East policy. He got to that when he wanted a country with an economic model to model on. Unfortunately, the Westerners were so developed they forgot how they got there. Japan was fairly rising quickly, despite them being heavily affected during WW2.

Today, the Japanese talks about looking West, including us. When Uniqlo opened in KL recently, I remember reading an interview on Uniqlo’s founder in StarBiz. It’s flattering to read the founder of biggest Japanese clothing store admires DrM, and tweaked this policy into Look West policy.

He also advised Pakistanis that good leader is important to steer a country to progress, so when they found one… don’t kill her. Yep.

Most of those present at that time had only greatest praise for him. We even gave him TWO standing ovations. He is indeed a sophisticated person, it’s head-scratching to believe the same guy made racist statements.

Honestly, only weak fags get provoked by him and go emo all over the net. Whenever he makes such racist statements, I’ve always wondered if he’s either trolling for teh lulz or he’s been smoking something only God knows. None of them ever sounded serious, it made me laugh sometimes thinking how ridiculous he sounds.

But a speech that’s econ heavy, all without reading from scripts? Frak yeah!!

So, going back to the title, what wisdom? Believe in oneself. DrM’s role is done. It’s our turn.

Most recently, the Malayan Tigers/Harimau Malaya aka football team managed to win the Suzuki ASEAN cup. Never have I seen such overwhelming support for local boys. Frankly, I feel good about it. This and the global economic crisis have a common lesson for us Malaysians: unity. Them Westerners are only human, they make mistakes too. They’re only strong when they get their act together. We should too, football’s a good start.

But I don’t agree granting public holiday just to celebrate it. CHAOS as people’s transactions get backlogged by banks taking this date as holiday. And had we gotten enough public holiday already? Why not instead get the national football team to be VIP on new year’s eve celebration with PM and all at dataran merdeka? Sigh

November 18, 2010

A step back for sustainability

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Yo, I’m learning how to make a post with photo on wordpress, this is quite an experimental post.

So there was a World Congress of Accountants held on 8-11th November at KL Convention Centre. Pretty prestigious, 6,000 delegates from over 100++ countries came. Held every once in 4 years. Last held at Turkey 2006, while next is at Rome, Italy 2014

Lots n lots of bald, fat old farts telling us basically to don’t do evil. There, now if only real world can be that simple.

Highlight would be DrM giving speech. Will dedicate a post on that later. For now, I’m gonna check out what this looks like on pc/laptop.

November 14, 2010

Smartphone, smartphone…

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No RM8 offer for being first?


October 15, 2010

I have returned

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Holla!! Been away from my blog for months huhu.

I’ve been thinking how should I write this blog again… These past few months away from this blog got me thinking just how am I to represent myself on the internet.

Observing the trend, it’s becoming a KISS (keep it short and simple) world (oh, pun intended on Kee’s World, my favourite The Star comic hohoho). Twitter, oh you.

I have yet to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but I’m on a crackberry, YEAAA!! So loving my Bold 9700 <3<3<3

Put simply, on gadgets, I think Android is the best, but it lacks bbm. I have always considered getting a HTC Desire but as the crackberry virus infected more and more people around me, I guess I have to make a practical choice.

Blackberry has a niche thanks to its bbm and much-lauded push-email or whatever. Since I’m on a 50sen/day celcom prepaid plan, I’m not gonna utilise it yet. I’m doing an experiment whether I can survive with just RM30/month before switching to either Digi or celcom postpaid.

iPhone is crap. It’s awesome when Android was still a foetus, but looking at its current direction, I’m convinced it’s evolved into just a fashion/status statement. To reference my friend, a phone you’d buy cuz you want people to tell you you’re cool. Not because it’s great, because it just isn’t. There’s the Antennagate, and now there’s the Glassgate.

Now moving on, 10.10.10. It has just passed. A day of joy for a few, and a day of grief for many more. So the ‘space tourist’ gets wedded, and he gets live telecast and sponsored by the govt or so I heard. Huh? Has his research secured patents worth billions of dollars to warrant such rewards?

The joy, however was short-lived by the bus accident tragedy. NOTTODISUSHITTOAGEN.JPEG!!

I’m mad. As with the rest of the country. Lives were lost in the most tragic way. It’s even gloomier to think that there will always be more accidents like this.

Ok, guess I’ll write more in future posts. 🙂

March 21, 2010

Another number goes up

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Happy birthday, Ayrton Senna. And me. And my sister. And… any other famous people who were born today?

Speaking of F1, this year it has gone through a(nother stupid) rule change where refuelling is banned during the race. The effect is… I experience what the F1 fans who have been watching the sports since Ayrton Senna or earlier days feel on the sport’s situation for the past few years.

Damn right it is

I have always noticed F1 have been on the decline, many old-timers have always said that the sports died after Ayrton Senna. For me, I picked it up thanks to Mika Hakkinen. Then Kimi Raikkonen. Now Sebastian Vettel, YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! But this year is simply catastrophic. The ruling made it too communist-ish to be enjoyable.

F1 has become too much like Malaysia. They know the issues/problems they’re facing (I think), yet, they’ve never addressed them quite right/effectively. They’re littered with stupid scandals, and 99% of rumours will come true.

On another note, Alice in Wonderland is rubbish in 2D. It’s like going to bed with Lady Gaga only to be told that she’s lesbian. Pointless. Orz

Ayrton Senna pic from zerotohundred.com
Lord Vader RAAAAAGEEEE from Shin87’s twitpic

January 23, 2010

Almost optimistic January…

Because it’s hard to be one when so many wrong things happen… BIG wrong things…

It has arrived…

That can be Malaysia now. Thank you very much, churchburners!! And surau burners!! And over 200,000 narrow-minded racist xenophobic. Fuck your life, but why want to fuck other people’s life?

Western = Eeeeevillllll = Facebook and Twitter

Just maybe, the REAL job of minister of culture, art blabla is to become a joker so ancient, he should be a hero in DotA.

So much for PhD from UCL. To think that it’s the 4th top university in the world…

On the bright side, my laptop is finally fitted with 2GB 800MHz RAM *plays ode to joy*. Next up: Windows 7 Ulti. Yeaahhhh……

USB 3.0 looks very delicious too. 5GBps transfer rate? Mmm…

Left4Dead 2. Awesome update is awesome. But I think Spitter is too gay when combo with another superzombie.

Baka to test to shokanju. That’s it, I admit.
I want to be his husbando.

December 31, 2009

Looking back…

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I felt 2009 has been a mixed year. Had some good moments, had some bad moments.

There have been many moments I felt very, veeeeery trolled. Transformers 2, Harry Potter, GI Joe, Eden of the East, Darker Than Black : Ryusei no Gemini, Suzumiya Haruhi, K-On, etc. There even isn’t The Stig’s communist cousin. baawwwwwwww………

But strangely, the ones that I missed are positively accepted. Disney’s Up!, District 9, err…… that’s it I guess. 2012 was rubbish AFAIK. I haven’t watched Avatar, and hopefully I can catch it. Darn, I kept thinking of “Avatar ready” sound when a Nod Avatar mech is completed (C&C3 : Tiberium Wars) whenever I hear the movie’s title.

I get to ride planes this year, after 8 long years, finally 🙂 There’s Air Asia’s B737-300 and A320-200; MAS’ B747-400; and SIA’s A380-800 and B777-200.

And some other stuffs I forgot or too hard to put into words.

Anyway, thank you 2009. O hai thar 2010.

November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha/Qurban/Haji

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1. Yeap. Selamat Hari Raya Haji to everyone.

2. The Alza is NOT an MPV. It’s just not. no. nehi.

3. Snapping a rat’s spine can be a bit traumatic… until it’s told on the internet. Then I realised I did a service to Subang Jaya.

4. I think I just rescued quite a number of old car owners. I left a comment on miti’s blog which went unpublished. And then next thing I know, they decided to cancel the regulation that required >15 y.o. car annual check.

5. I lol-ed:

October 20, 2009

The A380 Experience and TJCC

Emirate's A380

Oops, wrong one…


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