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November 14, 2010

Smartphone, smartphone…

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No RM8 offer for being first?



December 25, 2008

[Book] The Tales of Beedle the Bard

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And I begin by saying I hate you, Tesco.

October 22, 2008

[Book] The World According To Clarkson 3: For Crying our Loud!

for crying out loud

The best book…..evar. And I have it, the hard cover version. For just GBP10, YEAAAAHHHH!!!


September 25, 2008

[JDrama] Attention Please!

Air stewardess ja nai, Ka been At ten dan to da.


Attention Please is about a slighty tomboyish and rather bullheaded heroine who starts on a journey to become a Cabin Attendant. Everyone around her seems to think that she’s not suited to the job and will ultimately fail. But to what limits is she willing to push herself?

Title: アテンションプリーズ
English: Attention Please
Episodes: 11

Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-18 to 2006-June-27
Theme song: “OH PRETTY WOMAN” by Kaela Kimura


– Ueto Aya as Misaki Yoko
– Nishikido Ryo as Nakahara Shota
– Maya Miki as Mikami Tamaki
– Aibu Saki as Wakamura Yayoi
– Uehara Misa as Hirota Saori
– Koizumi Koutaro as Tsutsumi Shuusuke
– Kohinata Fumiyo as Sakurada Shinya
– Otsuka Chihiro as Sekiyama Yuki
– Nanase Natsumi as Kinoshita Asami
– Ootomo Minami as Higashino Haruka
– Yoo Min (Fueki Yuko) as Asou Kaoru
– Takahashi Mariko as Kagawa Reiko
– Koichi Mantaro as Watanabe Makoto
– Asano Kazuyuki as Wakamura Shozo
– Inoue Jun as Dazai Shinichiro
– Mano Yuuko as Murayama Mizuho
– Hoshino Natsuko as Takemoto Rie


September 6, 2008

[book] Honk If You’re Malaysian

It’s the fasting month, and yet, it doesn’t feel like it at all. Not when even the Islamic bodies are out on assault against Raja Petra aka RPK. Apa ni, pi la berdakwah to “pendatang”, pi la buat forum utk kembalikan orang Islam balik ke “jalan yang benar”, ni diorg pun mau main game politikus. Kata bulan posa masa utk cari pahala berlipat ganda etc, ni pi cari pasal ada la. poorah.


August 24, 2008

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is cooler than Audi R8

The Joker

Now I want to make it absolutely plain that I was overall quite disappointed with Ironman. Prior to watching it, reviews everywhere claim “it’s the movie of the year”, “better than Transformers”, etc. I’m sorry, I reckon if you ask a 3-year-old “Which is cooler? A truck which can transform into a giant talking robot and fight to protect humanity or a hero inspired by tinman in Alice in Wonderland?”, he/she’ll tell you the former. The Ironman was considered great by many becuz the hero drives an Audi R8.

Big deal. Batman drives the batmobile and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. NOW we have THE movie of the year, ok? And of course, there’s The Joker, played brilliantly by the late Heath Ledger. Honestly, Ledger wasn’t in the movie at all. I could only see The Joker in the movie. Borrowing his quote, why so serious? Now we have a serious contender to Darth Vader as “movies’ best villain ever” poll, agree?

I’ve been addicted to the soundtrack lately. The dark theme brought by Christopher Nolan is just fitting at dark times like now with excessive politicking in Malaysia and I see many despair surrounds me.

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