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November 14, 2010

Smartphone, smartphone…

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No RM8 offer for being first?



October 15, 2010

I have returned

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Holla!! Been away from my blog for months huhu.

I’ve been thinking how should I write this blog again… These past few months away from this blog got me thinking just how am I to represent myself on the internet.

Observing the trend, it’s becoming a KISS (keep it short and simple) world (oh, pun intended on Kee’s World, my favourite The Star comic hohoho). Twitter, oh you.

I have yet to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but I’m on a crackberry, YEAAA!! So loving my Bold 9700 <3<3<3

Put simply, on gadgets, I think Android is the best, but it lacks bbm. I have always considered getting a HTC Desire but as the crackberry virus infected more and more people around me, I guess I have to make a practical choice.

Blackberry has a niche thanks to its bbm and much-lauded push-email or whatever. Since I’m on a 50sen/day celcom prepaid plan, I’m not gonna utilise it yet. I’m doing an experiment whether I can survive with just RM30/month before switching to either Digi or celcom postpaid.

iPhone is crap. It’s awesome when Android was still a foetus, but looking at its current direction, I’m convinced it’s evolved into just a fashion/status statement. To reference my friend, a phone you’d buy cuz you want people to tell you you’re cool. Not because it’s great, because it just isn’t. There’s the Antennagate, and now there’s the Glassgate.

Now moving on, 10.10.10. It has just passed. A day of joy for a few, and a day of grief for many more. So the ‘space tourist’ gets wedded, and he gets live telecast and sponsored by the govt or so I heard. Huh? Has his research secured patents worth billions of dollars to warrant such rewards?

The joy, however was short-lived by the bus accident tragedy. NOTTODISUSHITTOAGEN.JPEG!!

I’m mad. As with the rest of the country. Lives were lost in the most tragic way. It’s even gloomier to think that there will always be more accidents like this.

Ok, guess I’ll write more in future posts. 🙂

May 29, 2008

The tragedy that brought humans together

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I suppose many have heard about the Sichuan earthquake tragedy that has killed tens of thousands of lives, if you haven’t, just Google it.

Funny isn’t it? A while back, when the Olympic baton was carried in some European countries (I forgot where exactly, sorry), I saw on Buletin Utama a pro-Tibet activist grab the torch forcefully. Then, there’s the news about Spielberg pulling out of the Olympics with regards to China’s stand on Tibet. The whole world, has suddenly turned anti-China because of them hosting the Olympics and whatever political reason(s) to have a feud with Tibet I couldn’t bother to go through the details since I’m neither a Tibetan nor a Buddhist.

Today, almost every site I visited has pleas for donation to China, the news site meanwhile, will publish photos of women weaping over their deceased family and soldiers being the people’s hero by carrying the injured to the medical camp. All of a sudden, everyone is China’s family who’ll take care of them in times of hardness. Only.

In better times, the same “family” will blog, print and broadcast whatever craps about how China is no1 toxic toy producer, their cars are junks, blablabla.

In a sense, this quake tragedy can be a blessing in disguise. It means China’s full awakening will be delayed, as I’ve come across a news that says it’s gonna cost China USD60 billion to rebuild the damage done by the quake. That’s a lot of money, and certainly, I do think it’s enough to delay China’s ascension to become world’s no1 economic superpower by a few more years.

So anti-China, happy you got your bonus borrowed time? Now start working harder so you won’t be out of job. Nao.

Here in Malaysia, it’s almost like we’ve seen it coming. At first, I thought it was just in KL, but my recent visit to Penang had me shocked to see the courts there also have “BUAT KERJA” (do your work) banner. Korek korek korek.

May 9, 2008

The price of freedom…?

Raja Petra Kamarudin aka RPK, well known for his website Malaysia Today, caught the nation’s attention when he was arrested for the article he wrote titled Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell. Today probably, he’ll be released after he met his wife and agreed to bail out.

What a short but mostly interesting drama. The timing couldn’t have been any better, right after the World Press Freedom Day (3rd May), so the world would’ve noticed our stance on media freedom and understand better than ever of the current situation. “Action speaks louder than words”, so Najib‘s denial is just a Pink Elephant, if it’s not obvious enough already to most of the readers. “This is not politically motivated,”? Kusahkenna.

It’s a surprise to see some people are very excited to call RPK an evil person and his punishment is deserving of his act. We’ll see about that. What more, it comes from a mouth that supports people who’d recognise RPK, me, and 500,000++ other Malaysians as a “monkey”, “sniper”, “jobless widow”, “goblok” etc.

Heh, this I have to say for them:

They say that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well, weave your own conclusion, I guess we already know who’s the real victor in this little drama, and if things proceed as it is until 2012 or 2013, we’ll see a new govt for GE13. If they think by becoming “goblok” themselves and organising a program that talks with “monkeys” live can cushion or even steer away their downfall, well, only time can tell.

But I suppose that’ll be nice too. The political drama here will be faster paced, and when the time comes for PR to fall sometime after they’re done for, the stakes will be higher. The drama and psychologies will be more interesting than Death Note and Code GEASS combined by that time, kuhkuhkuhkuh. By that time then, the self-fulfilled prophecy will come true, that “all politicians are the same” will come true, with a new definition to it. For now, the situation is a bit one-sided, just as it was for the past 50 years, then for the next how many years for PR, and then finally we get to elect “actors” for Malaysian political arena, the Death Note edition. Hell, it’s about time.

Things just keep getting better, if one wants to look at it as such, eh? Pop corns, anyone?

April 23, 2008

My little corruption

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I have 2 friends who’re absolutely pathetic when it comes to phones. They’d chat over the phone endlessly even after the cows have come home and sleep and have sex, and give birth etc, and I’d get at least twice calls of “Azfar, nak transfer RM5 credit bole x?” every week since……I’ve lost count. But I do remember I had RM60 credit last Dec, and as of now, I’m left with RM13. As I’m typing this, I just got another msg to transfer RM5 credit again.

The good news is, I get to convert the credits to cash. The bad news is, I’m being completely ignorant to teach them any financial discipline. I complained at them a couple of times before, but to no effect. One of them even just changed his phone to a brand new RM1,200 Nokia 5610 Express Music. Yes, he’s the guy who’ve just requested another RM5 credit transfer. And who’d often ask for my Marlboro.

Then there’s the proposal for RM400 million to help crappy Proton vendors to build more istanas at times when the price of rice, mee etc have just rose. Reading the comments made me realise how I’ve been behaving exactly like the govt: I have the credit for myself from my dad (taxpayers), which I’d convert to cash through my frens (Proton vendors) to spend basically. It means my dad can give less weekly pocket money, but it still feels……wrong.

So you see, this complicated issue is caused by my two friends who’re financially bollocks, and my attitude of “they dun bother to improve themselves, I wouldn’t bother to discipline them (by refusing to give them credit transfer, and to prevent them from wasting time on calling girlfriends to tell them how crappy their day was. Everyday.)”. Suddenly, winning at least RM10 cash weekly feels more like losing actually.

Here I am, manly enough to confess my corruption, in the thought of teaching them a dear lesson in the later stage in life. I thought if I remain as it is giving credit transfer as always, they’ll suffer from their foolishness to remain ignorant when it comes to money matter after they grad, and that I believe by that time I will forget about them most of the time, little do I realise that I’m breeding a future Proton vendor. Because they’re bumi, and because they’ve always made fun of how I’m being pro-DAP, and the rhetoric “If you’re given AP/contract the ‘discreet way’, will u take it? Easy for you to say you’re anti AP-king/cronies, but IF YOU ARE given, will you take it?”, it worries me when I think what have I done.

Maybe I shouldn’t take the blame to myself only. Cuz there’ve been a couple of times they would just buy RM10 credit from 7-11 when I was actually left with RM8 (there must be at least RM4 left after transfer, so I couldn’t cuz I’ll be left with RM3 then), and they’ve done this quite often before I began transferring credit. Their addiction is their problem, I guess some people are just meant to be poor then. And I dare say 90% of the people around me are such. Dam right, Sufiah Yusof is the avatar of the people of my race: a race prostituted by money for being financially ignorant.

I’ve been called weirdo, eccentric, pro-DAP (the complete opposite of what the people of my race should be supporting), Protonian, etc, and it was a blessing indeed. Because I’ve always viewed the world differently than others around me, I found the freedom to investigate why the Chinese have always been thought to be the “whenever they made business, they’ll end up rich” race. The reason is ofter quoted to be because “they’re hardworking since they dun get bumi’s special rights”, truth is, I think it’s because they read financial books, and them BAM!!! They would “just do it”, and frankly, any human being of any race can become rich like that IMHO. It just so happen that more Chinese people are concerned with financial matter(s).

So I’ve stopped giving them credit transfer now, it’s only right to push them into a corner to make them realise their mistake. They need to remember the pain, the more the better. That Nokia 5310 guy is easier cuz the cost of his phone has just catalysed the process, I leave the rest to him.

And still, I feel he’ll grow up to become a Proton vendor. I have a few Kiyosaki’s book in my room, and nobody bothered to read it (except me obviously, I brought it there in the first place), with or without my permission. I’d love to see them read it, especially without my permission. That would reflect on their commitment to be financially educated.

Lastly, they should be referred as “uni-mates” at most actually. Calling them “friends” would show what kinda bad taste I have in choosing friends.


April 15, 2008

Hannah Yeoh in today’s myADUN!! ^_^

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Yeoh makes dad proud


Full name: Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan (DAP)
Age: 29
Marital status:
Number of children:
Education: Bachelor of Laws, University of Tasmania
Profession: Former event manager
ADUN of what area: Subang Jaya

AS THE eldest child in the family, Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh has been groomed from an early age to lead by example and to take her education seriously. (more…)

April 9, 2008

That piggy case…

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It started with YB Teresa Kok’s posting photos of her celebration with 5 roast pigs, which was later edited out.

Then, Selangor state govt declared the RM100 million modern pig farm project, which irked even more “muslims”. Yes, this is, a case of another MSM hype of the half-truth. Being caution as I always do, it is with great relief that the whole truth is revealed in YB Teresa Kok’s and YB Nik Nazmi’s blog. Apparently, the project was given the green light last January 30th, when Dr Khir Toyo was still the MB. Utusan as usual, forgot to include this in their earlier report, but the damage has been done. Now the new Selangor state govt gets a bad name……o rly?

If one goes beyond what’s being reported, they’d realise that it’s better now than delaying it, causing the cost to rise up in the future, just like that delayed Terengganu stadium which should’ve cost RM250 million but ended up costing RM400 million due to rising construction cost. To disapprove it would be unwise in the long run, for we might end up having to import pig meat which means draining our money to the country that exports it. Then what, “change your lifestyle?”. Or “Polis kata jangan…” wakakakakakak

To bash the current govt for continuing what the previous govt had started, zzz, how hypocrite is that?

There has been the environmental concern addressed by some people, but that is exactly why it’ll use German modern technology. Their superior system ensures all waste will be managed to sustain itself, by re-using it to generate biogas to generate electricity for the farm. That is development to improve the current traditional system. 2-0 for environ-mental-ists’ defeat. They should instead encourage Negeri Sembilan pig farmers to adapt this technology too, but nope, I suppose they’re all in the hospital treating their head for banging the wall around in the dark an hour a day to futilely reduce CO2 emission.

Regarding religious issue, as stressed earlier, the current govt is finishing what the previous govt started, should Dr Khir be labelled as the Malay’s traitor then? Just look at the Indians, they’ve never boycott, protest, burn or kill BK, McD, or Carl’s Jr for displaying beef burgers, or bash the medias for reporting beefs distributed every Hari Raya Korban. It’s shameful we Muslims have to resort to making such lowly statements for something we can’t and don’t eat, but is certainly fine for the other community in this beloved country that’s been poisoned by Bee Anne’s MSM for far too long. So if another Dutch joker is out to make another silly crap to express what they think abt Islam, then learn to sink this into your thick head, Bee Anne: “You reap what you sow”.

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The price of counting your blessing

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Hannah Yeoh’s latest post about her visit to the Angsana flat touched me to know that there are cases of urban poverty in Subang Jaya. Previously, I’ve always thought that anyone hearing the word “Subang Jaya” ought to know that it’s an elite place that can be very mercyless for the poor. If you don’t have the money, then……it’ll be very difficult.

To survive in Subang Jaya with just RM200 to spare per month after minus the rent must be very difficult indeed. Can they even afford to spare some to be put aside for savings? Unimaginable, at least to me. It is a blessing indeed, that MB Khalid Ibrahim helped to enable every household in Selangor to get free water for the first 20 cubic meter, these poor people would most appreciate it. Even then, some Bee Anne people lambasted it being “populist tactic”, “encourage wastage”, “impractical” blablabla. Bollocks, get off your anti-social Porsche Cayennes and start giving assurance, assistance and motivation to the poor people in your constituent just like our “inexperienced greenhorn” but very kawaiiii~ Hannah-chan is doing. If somewhere as elite as Subang Jaya have poor people, then surely your area have some too. How can giving free first 20 cubic meter of water be condemned?


All these while, the rich have been pictured as selfish cronies who’d rob the people’s money, so this is indeed a welcoming change.

Encourage wastage?

Ever heard of Adam Khoo, the youngest Singaporean millionaire? Yet, he rides in economy class flight, he shops at G2000 rather than Hugo Boss or Gucci, he doesn’t wear Rolex etc. The truth is, self-made millionaires lead a frugal life, probably even more frugal than me too. People who are wasteful baistards are people who’d never gone through hardship aka spoilt brats whose life is no better than a prostitute. True enough, I’ve encountered an arrogant arsehole who’d insult those who’d appreciate a Honda Civic, Nissan Latio etc than the new Altis 2008. He declared that he drives a 5-series which is his birthday gift from his parents, that clearly pictures what kinda prostitute he is. With or without free 20 cubic meters makes little different than making him (and that Bee Anne guy) pay less RM11.40 and a LOT less in the lesson of the pain experienced by those Angsana flat residents.


I’m running out of words to bash edi……

For now, I’ll remind myself and everyone, to count your blessing, just as Hannah-chan advises us to. The quest for a better life is difficult, but to remain mediocre is even more difficult. It is good then, in this Information Age, the secrets of financial success is shared by the socially-responsible rich people like Robert T Kiyosaki, Adam Khoo and many more. To make use of it, and to share it with others, the choice is in your hand. Embrace it, just like how we’ve enbraced the internet, which contributed to the victory of Pakatan Rakyat.

April 8, 2008

[manga] Detroit Metal City

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Genres: comedy
Plot Summary: Sōichi Negishi is a shy young man who came from the rural Ota Prefecture to Tokyo for college and wished to become a kindergarten teacher. However, for some reason he became the singer and songwriter of a metal band named “Detroit Metal City,” with a stage name “Johannes Krauser II.” Whenever he wears the heavy makeup, Negishi becomes a completely different person, shouting the most vulgar profanities beyond anyone’s imagination. With the popularity of DMC increases, Negishi starts worrying his double personalities can have negative effects on his (romantic) life off stage.
This is the funniest manga I’ve read, it’s always funny to see how one man can become the most extreme of 2 very contradicting personalities!! Especially when his good side starts to reveal his dark side, it always turn disastrous but somehow, he’d always end up able to cover up very well, yohohoho.
The good news is, DMC will get an anime and live-action movie, and the main character, Negishi, will be played by Ken’ichi Matsuyama, the guy who played L from Death Note movies and of course, L Change the World. It sure sounds like an exciting movie to me, I’d really like to see how Matusaya plays Negishi after being able to play L excellently!!

April 7, 2008

How can I boycott Dutch Lady?!?!

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The recent fitna movie really caused a stir lately, leading to various calls for boycott of Dutch products.

Bollocks. The Dutch govt condemns such acts and rejected it. And besides, why do we need to respond to the movie anyway? That could only lead to speculation that it is true after all that Islam is as what the movie is portraying. It’s false, so what? Move on with life then, action speaks louder than words, and this action of boycotting is just childish. Instead, demonstrating better governance, transparency, cleanliness would do much help for that particular Dutch joker to see that Islam is a good religion. Come on Islam Hadhari, show me that you can really improve our country’s corruption index, press freedom, economic strength, etc. Or you’re just one of romPAK LAH’s NATO (no action, talk only) slogan?

There’s no way I’m gonna give up my Dutch Lady pasteurized strawberry milk for this. Or support for Kimi (Shell is Dutch).

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