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October 20, 2009

The A380 Experience and TJCC

Emirate's A380

Oops, wrong one…



June 23, 2008

One small step to Penang, one big step into freedom

I’ve been to Penang a few times before, but the latest one is different. There was definitely more freedom, as I went there with my friends, and my, how different Penang, or any place, can be when you’re given more freedom to explore. That is definitely absent if I were to go to such places with families or schoolmates/collegemates/unimates cuz there’s usually less say and that I’ll have to behave ie kinda feel restraint.



April 29, 2008

BMW……Myvi? Perodua M5?

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Yohohoho, Kevin has just posted an Audi Myvito image, and then I remembered I snapped a greater Myvito than his a while back:

KUSAHKENNA!!!!!!!! Can’t afford to buy a real BMW, then just get the pig nose-grille?!?!?! Oh right, BMW = chick magnet, and Myvito is a girly car, so that makes this Perodua M5 a super duper ultra omega magnificent chick magnet?!?!

Heh, “change your lifestyle” advice taken a bit too far.

On another note, I snapped a Myvi offender a looong time ago:

Hazard light is for emergency only, for God’s sake!! Why are there people who’s still ignorant to this rule?!?!
Seriously, it’s annoying to see people using it for heavy rains, just turn on the lights, goddamit!! After all, Myvi has LED rear lights, it’s definitely brighter than the conventional light bulb on most budget cars nowadays.

April 2, 2008

Kirei no sola

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Which should be translated as “The beautiful sky”……right?

Yohohoho, I guess watching Sola influences me a bit to snap a couple of beautiful shots of the sky, courtesy of my Sony-E w810i. Click on the image for full size viewing.

Um… what can I say, it’s nice?


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