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January 2, 2011

Starting 2011 with wisdom

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Epic speech is epic

Aww, this came so late it ended up being the first post for year 2011. Nevertheless, it had good points, so that sounds like a good starter, right?

Dr Mahathir. Opinions are so wide about him, ranging from being the best Malaysian PM ever or a self-serving corrupt racist. Well, I only want to judge him through my personal encounter with him at the World Congress Of Accountants (WCOA).

He’s one of the speakers in that event. He talked about being a doctor by training, so he know nuts about finance when he became the PM. But he had advisors so that helped. So that’s the intro.

Next, he talked about the evil of printing money. Which is what is happening in the West. It’s short-term, and the repercussion will be worse. Yea yea, actually he talked in greater details, but I just want to type the summary that’s simple enough for anyone to understand.

He talked about Look East policy. He got to that when he wanted a country with an economic model to model on. Unfortunately, the Westerners were so developed they forgot how they got there. Japan was fairly rising quickly, despite them being heavily affected during WW2.

Today, the Japanese talks about looking West, including us. When Uniqlo opened in KL recently, I remember reading an interview on Uniqlo’s founder in StarBiz. It’s flattering to read the founder of biggest Japanese clothing store admires DrM, and tweaked this policy into Look West policy.

He also advised Pakistanis that good leader is important to steer a country to progress, so when they found one… don’t kill her. Yep.

Most of those present at that time had only greatest praise for him. We even gave him TWO standing ovations. He is indeed a sophisticated person, it’s head-scratching to believe the same guy made racist statements.

Honestly, only weak fags get provoked by him and go emo all over the net. Whenever he makes such racist statements, I’ve always wondered if he’s either trolling for teh lulz or he’s been smoking something only God knows. None of them ever sounded serious, it made me laugh sometimes thinking how ridiculous he sounds.

But a speech that’s econ heavy, all without reading from scripts? Frak yeah!!

So, going back to the title, what wisdom? Believe in oneself. DrM’s role is done. It’s our turn.

Most recently, the Malayan Tigers/Harimau Malaya aka football team managed to win the Suzuki ASEAN cup. Never have I seen such overwhelming support for local boys. Frankly, I feel good about it. This and the global economic crisis have a common lesson for us Malaysians: unity. Them Westerners are only human, they make mistakes too. They’re only strong when they get their act together. We should too, football’s a good start.

But I don’t agree granting public holiday just to celebrate it. CHAOS as people’s transactions get backlogged by banks taking this date as holiday. And had we gotten enough public holiday already? Why not instead get the national football team to be VIP on new year’s eve celebration with PM and all at dataran merdeka? Sigh


November 18, 2010

A step back for sustainability

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Yo, I’m learning how to make a post with photo on wordpress, this is quite an experimental post.

So there was a World Congress of Accountants held on 8-11th November at KL Convention Centre. Pretty prestigious, 6,000 delegates from over 100++ countries came. Held every once in 4 years. Last held at Turkey 2006, while next is at Rome, Italy 2014

Lots n lots of bald, fat old farts telling us basically to don’t do evil. There, now if only real world can be that simple.

Highlight would be DrM giving speech. Will dedicate a post on that later. For now, I’m gonna check out what this looks like on pc/laptop.

May 1, 2008

The ideal MP? What’s he/she like?

Heheh, I found a rather interesting topic about how the new generation of Members of Parliament (MP) come to the Parliament in normal, basic cars like Proton Wira, rather than chauffeured in S-classes or 7-series. YB Jeff Ooi who had his Wira towed since he parked it outside the Parliament, gets the attention as the police told him there’s “no parking space inside”, even when he has a VIP parking since he’s an MP. The topic went on to discuss about how security guards’ biased treatment on locals who appear to look poor, while foreigners seem to be given a better treatment. (more…)

April 17, 2008

What’s my golden butterfly?

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I’ve been reading her Grace-ness recently wrote about the top 30 companies to work for in Malaysia, then when I re-watched the latest Gintama ED9, I had a thought that I want to write it down here, yohohoho.



April 14, 2008

[Book] Why We Want You to Be Rich

A while back, I’ve posted about the price of counting your blessing, and as anyone can see, living in poverty is difficult, and it can only get more difficult.


April 10, 2008

[Book] Drop the Pink Elephant

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This is not a war on Islam.” Tony Blair on the war on…terrorism.

Drop the Pink Elephant is the best-selling business book written by Broadcasting Business Managing Director Bill McFarlan. Positive communication is the holy grail of everyday work and life. However almost all of us fall into the trap of allowing unnecessary negatives… what Bill calls ‘Pink Elephants’… to reduce our effectiveness often highlight the opposite of what we intend.

The book aims to:

  • Create a more positive culture (by spotting and eliminating Pink Elephants)
  • Target jargon as a disease to be eliminated
  • Help people to be better understood through painting clearer pictures
  • Promote Regret, Reason and Remedy as an alternative to blame
  • Encourage managers to thank colleagues…and encourage colleagues to accept the praise on offer

Bottom line… greater morale, greater productivity, greater profitability.


I have to say, this is one of my favourite book which I felt like everyone must read!! Whenever there’s a talk about fresh graduates’ reasons for remaining jobless, these few points are always pointed out:

  • Poor command in English
  • Poor communication skill
  • Poor IT skill

For one to improve his/her communication skill, this is a must-read book, at least to me!! It’s very simple to understand, has a lot of examples which proves his point and practical to apply to anyone. The first point in the book, which encourages us to eliminate “NOs, DON’Ts, COULDN’T” etc, is more than just trying to make your message more straightforward, it can help anyone to be more positive-minded too 😉 I guess this quote sums up the first point in the book very nicely:

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

Too many times I’ve encountered “Pink Elephants” everywhere I go, and it twitches me somehow, eg “it is not impossible”, won’t saying “it is possible” easier? But at times, it enlightens me. Like when Pak Lah recently announced he “is NOT going to step down soon”, yehehehehe……hehehehehehehehehheheheheheh!!

Of course, it definitely hurts when I see “petrol price WON’T increase soon”, cuz it can only mean I need to get prepared to fork out more money. Immediately. Damn.

Back to the book, I had a great joy reading it. And I feel that it can only become more vital today as the jobless grads continue to increase. As well as to generally enjoy less processing of what some people are actually thinking really.

April 9, 2008

The price of counting your blessing

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Hannah Yeoh’s latest post about her visit to the Angsana flat touched me to know that there are cases of urban poverty in Subang Jaya. Previously, I’ve always thought that anyone hearing the word “Subang Jaya” ought to know that it’s an elite place that can be very mercyless for the poor. If you don’t have the money, then……it’ll be very difficult.

To survive in Subang Jaya with just RM200 to spare per month after minus the rent must be very difficult indeed. Can they even afford to spare some to be put aside for savings? Unimaginable, at least to me. It is a blessing indeed, that MB Khalid Ibrahim helped to enable every household in Selangor to get free water for the first 20 cubic meter, these poor people would most appreciate it. Even then, some Bee Anne people lambasted it being “populist tactic”, “encourage wastage”, “impractical” blablabla. Bollocks, get off your anti-social Porsche Cayennes and start giving assurance, assistance and motivation to the poor people in your constituent just like our “inexperienced greenhorn” but very kawaiiii~ Hannah-chan is doing. If somewhere as elite as Subang Jaya have poor people, then surely your area have some too. How can giving free first 20 cubic meter of water be condemned?


All these while, the rich have been pictured as selfish cronies who’d rob the people’s money, so this is indeed a welcoming change.

Encourage wastage?

Ever heard of Adam Khoo, the youngest Singaporean millionaire? Yet, he rides in economy class flight, he shops at G2000 rather than Hugo Boss or Gucci, he doesn’t wear Rolex etc. The truth is, self-made millionaires lead a frugal life, probably even more frugal than me too. People who are wasteful baistards are people who’d never gone through hardship aka spoilt brats whose life is no better than a prostitute. True enough, I’ve encountered an arrogant arsehole who’d insult those who’d appreciate a Honda Civic, Nissan Latio etc than the new Altis 2008. He declared that he drives a 5-series which is his birthday gift from his parents, that clearly pictures what kinda prostitute he is. With or without free 20 cubic meters makes little different than making him (and that Bee Anne guy) pay less RM11.40 and a LOT less in the lesson of the pain experienced by those Angsana flat residents.


I’m running out of words to bash edi……

For now, I’ll remind myself and everyone, to count your blessing, just as Hannah-chan advises us to. The quest for a better life is difficult, but to remain mediocre is even more difficult. It is good then, in this Information Age, the secrets of financial success is shared by the socially-responsible rich people like Robert T Kiyosaki, Adam Khoo and many more. To make use of it, and to share it with others, the choice is in your hand. Embrace it, just like how we’ve enbraced the internet, which contributed to the victory of Pakatan Rakyat.

April 3, 2008

[English Movie] The Secret

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Right, I feel like writing a review of a great movie, which is actually a motivational show rather than an action-packed or romantic comedy story.

Based on the book by Rhonde Byrne


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