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May 29, 2008

The tragedy that brought humans together

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I suppose many have heard about the Sichuan earthquake tragedy that has killed tens of thousands of lives, if you haven’t, just Google it.

Funny isn’t it? A while back, when the Olympic baton was carried in some European countries (I forgot where exactly, sorry), I saw on Buletin Utama a pro-Tibet activist grab the torch forcefully. Then, there’s the news about Spielberg pulling out of the Olympics with regards to China’s stand on Tibet. The whole world, has suddenly turned anti-China because of them hosting the Olympics and whatever political reason(s) to have a feud with Tibet I couldn’t bother to go through the details since I’m neither a Tibetan nor a Buddhist.

Today, almost every site I visited has pleas for donation to China, the news site meanwhile, will publish photos of women weaping over their deceased family and soldiers being the people’s hero by carrying the injured to the medical camp. All of a sudden, everyone is China’s family who’ll take care of them in times of hardness. Only.

In better times, the same “family” will blog, print and broadcast whatever craps about how China is no1 toxic toy producer, their cars are junks, blablabla.

In a sense, this quake tragedy can be a blessing in disguise. It means China’s full awakening will be delayed, as I’ve come across a news that says it’s gonna cost China USD60 billion to rebuild the damage done by the quake. That’s a lot of money, and certainly, I do think it’s enough to delay China’s ascension to become world’s no1 economic superpower by a few more years.

So anti-China, happy you got your bonus borrowed time? Now start working harder so you won’t be out of job. Nao.

Here in Malaysia, it’s almost like we’ve seen it coming. At first, I thought it was just in KL, but my recent visit to Penang had me shocked to see the courts there also have “BUAT KERJA” (do your work) banner. Korek korek korek.


I’m still alive

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If anyone wonders why this month I’ve been blogging much less than the previous one, then I would like to 3R it:

1. Regret

I’m sorry for the slow update

2. Reason

I’ve been busy with real world matters, hanging around with frens, thus limiting my time to go online and ultimately, went on a trip to Pulau Pinang with them.

3. Remedy

I’ll promise when things settle down, I’ll post new stuffs regularly.

Even now, I’m trying to upload my pics from the Penang trip, but it really is difficult without a laptop. Or my home’s desktop.

For now, I’m just catching up with some anime. Code Geass R2 ep8 has a scene ripped from V For Vendetta, lol. I hear that movie a lot during the campaigning period last general election, I ended watching it and dare say it was a good movie that favours their cause to deny Barisan Nasional (BN) 2/3 majority. I’d expect Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) gonna recommend everyone to watch Code Geass next, yohohoho. Well, I’ll do a review of it later, cuz right now, I’m picking up Allison & Lillia. Looks great with that WW1 plane and British countryside setting.

And another thing, Ironman is disappointing. I was expecting a GAReat epic movie with everyone that I’ve come across showering it praises that “it’s better than Transformers”, but in the end, I find myself satisfied most to say that it’s “just another Marvel superhero movies”. I’ve heard that it’s gonna have a sequel, well, it better do. And with tonnes more of GARness actions from that suit.

May 14, 2008

Kimi 3rd for Turkish GP, it’s a Ferrari 1-3

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Ahh…I’d knew Massa would win, just like Bahrain. He has pretty much mastered these tracks, but that’s about it. Apart from the unpredictable-and-pit-stop-strategy-dependent Monaco, I’d expect Kimi will command a lead from him as easy as drinking champagne on the podium.

Hamilton finished second, that dam McLaren black biatch, he’s pretty much taking opportunity from the fact that Heikki hit Kimi in the first lap, causing damage to the front wing of Kimi’s car, while Heikki had to pit with a punctured tyre. Well, at least Kimi still finishes on the podium, so it’s pretty good I suppose. 2 red devils on the podium is better than 1. Or none.

The best news would have to be that Kimi still leads the world championship title, albeit his lead is cut from 9 to 7 by both Massa and Hamilton. Bah, he’ll win it, muahahhahahahah.

Next stop: Rd 6. GRAND PRIX DE MONACO (Monte Carlo) 25 May

This is a track I doubt Ferrari can be strong. The ones with short wheelbase will be advantageous. Gonna see an interesting race then. This could be BMW’s first chance to win.

May 9, 2008

The price of freedom…?

Raja Petra Kamarudin aka RPK, well known for his website Malaysia Today, caught the nation’s attention when he was arrested for the article he wrote titled Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell. Today probably, he’ll be released after he met his wife and agreed to bail out.

What a short but mostly interesting drama. The timing couldn’t have been any better, right after the World Press Freedom Day (3rd May), so the world would’ve noticed our stance on media freedom and understand better than ever of the current situation. “Action speaks louder than words”, so Najib‘s denial is just a Pink Elephant, if it’s not obvious enough already to most of the readers. “This is not politically motivated,”? Kusahkenna.

It’s a surprise to see some people are very excited to call RPK an evil person and his punishment is deserving of his act. We’ll see about that. What more, it comes from a mouth that supports people who’d recognise RPK, me, and 500,000++ other Malaysians as a “monkey”, “sniper”, “jobless widow”, “goblok” etc.

Heh, this I have to say for them:

They say that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well, weave your own conclusion, I guess we already know who’s the real victor in this little drama, and if things proceed as it is until 2012 or 2013, we’ll see a new govt for GE13. If they think by becoming “goblok” themselves and organising a program that talks with “monkeys” live can cushion or even steer away their downfall, well, only time can tell.

But I suppose that’ll be nice too. The political drama here will be faster paced, and when the time comes for PR to fall sometime after they’re done for, the stakes will be higher. The drama and psychologies will be more interesting than Death Note and Code GEASS combined by that time, kuhkuhkuhkuh. By that time then, the self-fulfilled prophecy will come true, that “all politicians are the same” will come true, with a new definition to it. For now, the situation is a bit one-sided, just as it was for the past 50 years, then for the next how many years for PR, and then finally we get to elect “actors” for Malaysian political arena, the Death Note edition. Hell, it’s about time.

Things just keep getting better, if one wants to look at it as such, eh? Pop corns, anyone?

May 1, 2008

The ideal MP? What’s he/she like?

Heheh, I found a rather interesting topic about how the new generation of Members of Parliament (MP) come to the Parliament in normal, basic cars like Proton Wira, rather than chauffeured in S-classes or 7-series. YB Jeff Ooi who had his Wira towed since he parked it outside the Parliament, gets the attention as the police told him there’s “no parking space inside”, even when he has a VIP parking since he’s an MP. The topic went on to discuss about how security guards’ biased treatment on locals who appear to look poor, while foreigners seem to be given a better treatment. (more…)

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