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April 18, 2009

A pl-Exora of excitement

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There seemed to be a slight increase in traffic to my blog on 15th, I suppose TJCC-ers are curious abt what I have to say abt Exora? Hehe 😛

Well, I missed the launching event at KLCC, gotta prepare for a presentation on 16th. Nevertheless, I did catch up the live telecast on TV1. It started with a speech by their chairman, Datuk Nadzmi which was rather serious n “protocol-ish” if there’s such a word. Najib slept ala Pak Lah at one point, that I definitely saw ehehe. Next came his turn to give a speech which I just skipped. Finally, when DSZ came to stage, it’s beginning to get interesting. Others describe it as world-class, Steve Job-like, which I agree. He knows how to break the barrier between the men in ties n some random student multitasking his work n watching the tv to witness a historic moment. We feel connected. He’s showing charisma. He’s showing humility. He’s showing a true winner’s way of success. And here’s my reply: BRAVO!!!

The next day, throughout the day at the college, the majority didn’t know abt Exora at all, let alone know that it was launched just yesterday, zzzz where’s the support? =.= One even said she thinks proton only knows how to copy toyota wish. Em, right, except that she can’t even tell what in the world is Campro CPS, Lotus handling, BCM, etc.

Doesn’t matter. The buyers aren’t student anyway. It’ll be for people with family on a budget without wanting to feel shortchanged. For what it offers, Exora is extremely value for money, so that’s a good start.

Today, I went to the SS14 showroom to check out the Exora with my friend (who recently bought a Satria Neo with WSL plate number). He was heartbroken on arrival to see a Saga with WSM plate number, ahahaha. Anyway, on to the Exora.

Wherever I sit in it, I feel comfortable and spacious. The plastics seems better than Gen2/Persona IMHO, well, I’m not really sure. I’ve heard stories of designers going to international motorshows (including Azlano ehehe) to study materials used by rivals’ car, so I suppose what is in Exora is the result of a lot of thoughts put into it. On to the seats, I can see from the pics there’s black strips among the greyness of the leather, and to my surprise, it feels like alcantara. Can anyone slap me please? The kinda materials used for Brabus and emm… a lot of exclusive cars are available in a Proton? How much cooler can it get?

Much have been said abt it being underpowered. Weighing 1420kg, bt powered by a 1.6L Campro CPS with 125hp. Yawn… the thing is, who cares? Ppl seem to be okay putting tens of thousands of their money on Beruktua Rusa, Toyotard Avanza, Chery what’s-that-name-edi, bt it’s suddenly a sin for Proton to do so. Heh.

Well, that’s all I can think of abt Exora. Will edit this post if say, I get to test drive it with Paul. Kalau jadi la.




    entah la, havent yet to test drive one yet. but alot of word is that it feels sluggish of the line. same like the saga.

    Comment by kevin — April 18, 2009 @ 3:58 pm | Reply

  2. Gomennasai~

    Well, one guy who I believe is an insider said that Campro CPS for Exora hv been improved, they changed flywheel, clutch disc, clutch cover, alternator and newly formatted ECU to reach 205Nm of torque. That’s a lot!!

    Saga underpowered meh… ala, slow skit je… bukannya mau racing ke apa hehehe.

    Comment by tokmoh — April 19, 2009 @ 12:18 am | Reply

  3. Tokmo .. mesej kat bawah ni aku jumpa dalam forum cari. leh caya ka?


    Aku baru balik minum ngan member yg kerja proton…dia incharge sebahagian R&D Exora tu dan berbelas kali jugaler dia pergi Korea,Japan dan Taiwan utk menjayakan misi Exora nie(cari vendor)…model prestige dan prime pun dia ada gak terlibat serba sedikit dan juga hadir kat PWTC masa launched aritu…

    Sembang2 kosong aku dan dia yg boleh aku share ngan korang tapi jgn jadikan sebagai rujukan…
    1) Dia dah drive Exora..so far pick up memang dia akui lembap…top speed 130km/h sahaja dgn kapasiti penumpang 7 org budak proton+bukak aircon…nie model yg bertampal tape tu..bukan mass prod.unit..
    2) Model proton Exora versi teksi,pick up van,I-care,pasar malam series dan juga beberapa agensi keselamatan dah siap pun kat proton…tunggu kalo model Exora nie tak laku…baru launch model2 yg nie…
    3) Model prestige sepatutnyer siap dgn moon roof dari depan sampai belakang tapi tak berjaya disiapkan on time sebab specnyer terpaksa follow US dan kesuntukan masa utk disiapkan…
    4) LCD TV manual button press pada centre console boleh slide up & down…(utk model prestige)-sepatutnyer letak kat arm rest tengah…
    5) Aircond tak function model prestige last minute failure lak…nasib baik Tun det & Najib tak test dok dalam keta nie…
    6) Sepatutnyer malam tu yg nyanyi bukan si Badri Hashim tu(staff proton)..plan panggil Faizal Tahir tapi mamat nie charge mahal sangat..so kena cost down bagi staff proton jer nyanyi…
    7) Version Turbo yg akan dtg masih menggunakan enjin 1.6 bukan 1.8 dan masih belum diisytiharkan bila akan keluar…enjin 1.6 tapi power macam 1.8 kata dia….
    8) Toyota Passo Sette dah ada dah kat proton buat analyze dan study data…kira perodua MPV akan dtg nie bebudak proton dah tau camna spec dia…boleh belah ker tak..
    9) Kalo dapat beli Exora nie dgn harga staff price harganyer cuma 65K shj tapi belum open lagi kat sesapa..

    10) dan yg terakhir skali kalo nak tukar ring tone henpon korang lagu nyanyian Badri Hashim tu boleh YM dia…

    Comment by deba — April 19, 2009 @ 6:16 am | Reply

  4. hi deba, terima kasih kerana dtg ke blog saya ni 🙂

    Saya rasa semua info ni boleh dipercayai. Tapi tentang 1), seingat saya Paul Tan gi test drive prototaip Exora siap 6 orang lain naik skali boleh sampai 160km/h. Saya pernah jumpa dia, besar orangnya Paul Tan ni. Ttg underpowered tu ada la gak, tapi tak la seteruk mcm dlm avanza. Exora masih boleh panjat bukit tinggi n genting, kalo avanza da rasa mcm nk meletup da.

    Proton da confirm da diorg tgh buat campro turbo, insyaallah launch tahun depan. Kite tunggu je la 😉

    Comment by tokmoh — April 19, 2009 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

  5. tok mo.. bila hang nak pi test drive exora.. jgn lupa citer dalam blog nih.

    Comment by deba — April 19, 2009 @ 9:43 pm | Reply

  6. Yep knew it was going to be underpowered since it’s running on the 1.6 Campro. But is it the Campro CPS in the Exora? Or is it just the normal Campro we see in the first generation of Gen2s?
    I do agree that you don’t need that much horses in a family car but imagine the frusration when trying to get across a traffic-light-less junction while at an incline at the same time. That’s really dangerous. A small miscalculation will cost your dearly.

    Alcantara? Are you serious? Maybe they are real since there’s only strips of it.

    The steering wheel reminds me of the Civic.

    Last but not least, I love the all the features in the Exora. Hopefully they pass QC.

    Comment by vincent — April 20, 2009 @ 4:16 pm | Reply

  7. Hi Vincent,

    Sorry to ask this question, which planet are you from? Even I’m living in Japan also knew that Exora comes with Campro 1.6 CPS with some tuning and with a different transmision ratio adjustment.

    Bila nak dapat latest review test drive bersama dgn Paul?

    Comment by muryadi — April 21, 2009 @ 10:12 am | Reply

    • Aku fb Paul tak jawab lagi pun…

      Anyway, latest post ttg Exora nmpk mcm Paul tgh bersiap utk the test drive. Tengok la kalo dia ada update aku, aku tulis nanti.

      Comment by tokmoh — April 23, 2009 @ 8:39 am | Reply

  8. Hey muryadi, I wasn’t sure which engine it was and I don’t want to assume. Btw, not everyone on Earth knows Proton. Oh when I said it was underpowered, I had the Campro CPS in mind. Anyway, thanx for enlighting me. =)

    Comment by vincent — April 21, 2009 @ 3:01 pm | Reply

  9. i’m gonna lari topic bit. we all know that malaysians LOVE to speed of the line. its like they have to be usain bolt in their cars or something like that.

    contoh la, contoh ya. most of my friends complain that the saga is slow of the line compared to the myvi. i dont know how true that is, but i can only assume that the proton is as quick as the myvi off the line albeit it “feels” like its slow. sama like the new city vs new vios. the city “feels” slower thats all although its that much faster.

    and just because of that……..and that alone. ppl tak nak beli dah.

    Comment by kevin — April 23, 2009 @ 12:29 pm | Reply

    • Oh, that. I get what u mean. Having driven Myvi, Vios, Satria Neo n Gen2 before, all auto (except S-Neo, which I have driven both auto n manual), I do feel the Gen2 n S-Neo kinda laggy off-the-line, though this is on auto only, I feel the manual is more responsive.

      Myvi, Vios, n Waja do feel like their response are more instantaneous, but as they go faster, semput. Campro feels like it can go on. Macam strength hero dalam dota, its power at the top end, late game hero 🙂 . But it’ll become soo noisy, it’ll naturally discourage drivers to speed with their Campro-ed protons, ahahaha.

      So I do expect the Exora hv that kinda lagginess, but then again, underpowered isn’t quite a word to describe it, as from then onwards, I do expect it to feel very decent. After all, DSZ himself said he already ride it up Genting n seem satisfied with it. Want more, then hv to wait for M/T or Campro turbo lor. My guess is it should cost at most RM6k extra over the Campro CPS-ed Exora.

      The solutions, I guess, lie in the transmission, n the drive-by-wire tech Proton use in the Campro. Hope Proton can develop their own DGS transmission n also, improve Campro’s d-b-w response. With these, it’ll be a serious contender with the big boys, even the Golf GTi 🙂

      Tgk paultan je… bashers rly, rly dah habis modal. Now that the Exora is not a tin milo, comes with twin airbags, ABS as std, they go bash its door handle will break very soon nden compare with Myvi’s handle wakakaka. IMHO, Myvi’s feels like H-Civic latest gen’s door handle. It’s nothing worth mentioning at all. I like Satria Neo’s door handle, gives me very solid feel. Which is similar to Exora 🙂 And E90 3-series.

      Ah well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

      Comment by tokmoh — April 25, 2009 @ 12:31 am | Reply

      • tokmoh

        Just want to check how you drive up genting with the Exora, coz I own an Exora I feel it is so sluggish to go up Genting.. What are the level of gear you used to be up in Genting.. Thanks and regards.

        Comment by kyngai — June 10, 2009 @ 4:39 pm

      • Hi kyngai,

        I’ve yet to drive the Exora, but in my opinion, the 1.6L is just enough to satisfy normal driver’s need ie people who are not much of an enthusiastic driver.

        Campro CPS’s max torque is at 4,500rpm, so try to maintain the rev at that. Torque is important to pull the vehicle, so to get the most thrust, utilise it at its best (as in Campro CPS’s case, at 4,500rpm). Horsepower is more for top speed. This is not an exact explanation, but fundamentally, that’s how it works. Always stick the gear in D.

        But then again, I assume your Exora has yet to do the first 1,000km service, no? Trust me, you will experience a better performance from your car after the service as your engine is still tight. It’s fuel consumption will improve too. Also, I assume your normal driving speed is more “active” than a typical driver. 😉

        I’ve heard of a few ways to improve the Campro engine performance without compromising the manufacturer’s warranty. You can try the Bosch iridium platinum spark plug, Pivot Purple Mega Raizin voltage stabiliser, and K&N air filter. All in all they cost around RM800. Do please double check with Proton and the workshop on issues about voiding warranty, as I got this info from a commenter in paultan, and he claimed they don’t void the warranty.

        If spirited performance is in your criteria, you could’ve waited next year as Proton will release Campro turbo, and I’ve read in lowyat forum saying it will produce 175hp and 240NM of torque, though these values may differ with the actual one. I’m sorry that you have to stick with the current ‘just adequate’ performance of Campro CPS. But then again, Proton intends the Exora Campro CPS to compete with the likes of Avanza n Grand livina 1.6L, which in my opinion, Exora gives the most balanced performance among these three. For more power, they can only fulfill that demand next year with the Exora Campro Turbo. In a shorter term, Proton will launch the Manual Exora Campro CPS next month. I believe manual’s performance is better, but if you’re living in KL, it may be quite tiring 😛

        Congrats on your purchase of Exora. 🙂

        Paul Tan, bila kita nak gi road test Exora sama-sama…… jangan lupakan daku pula huhuhu

        Comment by tokmoh — June 10, 2009 @ 10:53 pm

      • Hi Tokmoh

        Thanks for your reply, Actually i have not tried to drive the Exora up Genting yet.. I have just tried the car on the Bukit Tinggi stretch but i found it difficult to climb those steep hills.. anyhow my Exora had already touch 4500KM in less than 3 weeks.

        What I want is not speed, what I need is when overtaking you have the power to overtake and climb hills not like driving a full loaded trailler.

        I know that you will get the power on high RPM but it is still sluggish when it comes to pick up..I am quite upset on the performance and i can see that the engine is really below HP for such a big car..

        Anyhow I did made some modification on the car with the modification of the exaust on the front part and the centre and it seems that I have some power now, but it is still not enough for the car..

        I am planning to send the car for Dyno tune soon, to check out what’s Proton’s claim.. proton claim to be 126hp but is that figure on wheel or car on a ground , yet to find out.

        Since you are telling that proton is coming out with the turbo version soon, hope that there will be a turbo kit to be install to the existing Exora.

        I guess with Turbo it might help but the question is , can the piston and engine take the pressure of the turbo.coz i have found out that most of the parts in Exora is from everywhere.. Ie the horn is made in India and I have replace it with PIAA Horn.

        I am also looking at the option of E-management or a piggyback chips.

        Comment by kyngai — June 10, 2009 @ 11:18 pm

      • Well, try my suggestions as well: the Bosch spark plug, voltage stabiliser n air filter.

        E-management? Won’t it void your warranty?

        Campro Turbo will not have the CPS, it is based on the original Campro kosong. Which means, if you want the Campro turbo from Proton, you will have to completely change the current engine in your Exora. To put into perspective, my friend who drives a Satria Neo lite once asked Proton if they change the Campro kosong in his car currently to Campro CPS, it will cost RM4,000. Maybe next year, you can sell your engine to my friend lol.

        They are working hard to ensure the Campro can take on the turbo for long term.

        Alternatively, you might want to look around for 2.0L Mitsubishi engine that’s suitable for Exora. I spoke to a Proton engineer once, and he said the Exora’s engine bay can accommodate up to 2.0L engine. I don’t know what to suggest as I have no idea what 2.0L Mitsubishi has (aside from the ones in Evo) sorry.

        Comment by tokmoh — June 10, 2009 @ 11:47 pm

  10. Eh.. bukan setakat door handles je.. tutup pintu xder bunyi “coupe” pun boleh jadi modal utk bashing point yg seterusnya..

    Betul tu, sekarang bashers dah abis modal.. sampai aku gi bashing P2,T,dan D kat paultan dgn sedikit je isu keta P2 dan jepun pun xpat nak tangkis.. peluru penangkis dah abis da.. kah kah kah!! 🙂

    Comment by Prismo — April 27, 2009 @ 12:12 am | Reply

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