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October 15, 2010

I have returned

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Holla!! Been away from my blog for months huhu.

I’ve been thinking how should I write this blog again… These past few months away from this blog got me thinking just how am I to represent myself on the internet.

Observing the trend, it’s becoming a KISS (keep it short and simple) world (oh, pun intended on Kee’s World, my favourite The Star comic hohoho). Twitter, oh you.

I have yet to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but I’m on a crackberry, YEAAA!! So loving my Bold 9700 <3<3<3

Put simply, on gadgets, I think Android is the best, but it lacks bbm. I have always considered getting a HTC Desire but as the crackberry virus infected more and more people around me, I guess I have to make a practical choice.

Blackberry has a niche thanks to its bbm and much-lauded push-email or whatever. Since I’m on a 50sen/day celcom prepaid plan, I’m not gonna utilise it yet. I’m doing an experiment whether I can survive with just RM30/month before switching to either Digi or celcom postpaid.

iPhone is crap. It’s awesome when Android was still a foetus, but looking at its current direction, I’m convinced it’s evolved into just a fashion/status statement. To reference my friend, a phone you’d buy cuz you want people to tell you you’re cool. Not because it’s great, because it just isn’t. There’s the Antennagate, and now there’s the Glassgate.

Now moving on, 10.10.10. It has just passed. A day of joy for a few, and a day of grief for many more. So the ‘space tourist’ gets wedded, and he gets live telecast and sponsored by the govt or so I heard. Huh? Has his research secured patents worth billions of dollars to warrant such rewards?

The joy, however was short-lived by the bus accident tragedy. NOTTODISUSHITTOAGEN.JPEG!!

I’m mad. As with the rest of the country. Lives were lost in the most tragic way. It’s even gloomier to think that there will always be more accidents like this.

Ok, guess I’ll write more in future posts. 🙂


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