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January 23, 2010

Almost optimistic January…

Because it’s hard to be one when so many wrong things happen… BIG wrong things…

It has arrived…

That can be Malaysia now. Thank you very much, churchburners!! And surau burners!! And over 200,000 narrow-minded racist xenophobic. Fuck your life, but why want to fuck other people’s life?

Western = Eeeeevillllll = Facebook and Twitter

Just maybe, the REAL job of minister of culture, art blabla is to become a joker so ancient, he should be a hero in DotA.

So much for PhD from UCL. To think that it’s the 4th top university in the world…

On the bright side, my laptop is finally fitted with 2GB 800MHz RAM *plays ode to joy*. Next up: Windows 7 Ulti. Yeaahhhh……

USB 3.0 looks very delicious too. 5GBps transfer rate? Mmm…

Left4Dead 2. Awesome update is awesome. But I think Spitter is too gay when combo with another superzombie.

Baka to test to shokanju. That’s it, I admit.
I want to be his husbando.


January 8, 2009

I begin 2009 with…

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2009 lolwut

11.161 L of RON97. Right…..


October 22, 2008

[Book] The World According To Clarkson 3: For Crying our Loud!

for crying out loud

The best book…..evar. And I have it, the hard cover version. For just GBP10, YEAAAAHHHH!!!


September 25, 2008

[JDrama] Attention Please!

Air stewardess ja nai, Ka been At ten dan to da.


Attention Please is about a slighty tomboyish and rather bullheaded heroine who starts on a journey to become a Cabin Attendant. Everyone around her seems to think that she’s not suited to the job and will ultimately fail. But to what limits is she willing to push herself?

Title: アテンションプリーズ
English: Attention Please
Episodes: 11

Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-18 to 2006-June-27
Theme song: “OH PRETTY WOMAN” by Kaela Kimura


– Ueto Aya as Misaki Yoko
– Nishikido Ryo as Nakahara Shota
– Maya Miki as Mikami Tamaki
– Aibu Saki as Wakamura Yayoi
– Uehara Misa as Hirota Saori
– Koizumi Koutaro as Tsutsumi Shuusuke
– Kohinata Fumiyo as Sakurada Shinya
– Otsuka Chihiro as Sekiyama Yuki
– Nanase Natsumi as Kinoshita Asami
– Ootomo Minami as Higashino Haruka
– Yoo Min (Fueki Yuko) as Asou Kaoru
– Takahashi Mariko as Kagawa Reiko
– Koichi Mantaro as Watanabe Makoto
– Asano Kazuyuki as Wakamura Shozo
– Inoue Jun as Dazai Shinichiro
– Mano Yuuko as Murayama Mizuho
– Hoshino Natsuko as Takemoto Rie


September 6, 2008

[book] Honk If You’re Malaysian

It’s the fasting month, and yet, it doesn’t feel like it at all. Not when even the Islamic bodies are out on assault against Raja Petra aka RPK. Apa ni, pi la berdakwah to “pendatang”, pi la buat forum utk kembalikan orang Islam balik ke “jalan yang benar”, ni diorg pun mau main game politikus. Kata bulan posa masa utk cari pahala berlipat ganda etc, ni pi cari pasal ada la. poorah.


May 9, 2008

The price of freedom…?

Raja Petra Kamarudin aka RPK, well known for his website Malaysia Today, caught the nation’s attention when he was arrested for the article he wrote titled Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell. Today probably, he’ll be released after he met his wife and agreed to bail out.

What a short but mostly interesting drama. The timing couldn’t have been any better, right after the World Press Freedom Day (3rd May), so the world would’ve noticed our stance on media freedom and understand better than ever of the current situation. “Action speaks louder than words”, so Najib‘s denial is just a Pink Elephant, if it’s not obvious enough already to most of the readers. “This is not politically motivated,”? Kusahkenna.

It’s a surprise to see some people are very excited to call RPK an evil person and his punishment is deserving of his act. We’ll see about that. What more, it comes from a mouth that supports people who’d recognise RPK, me, and 500,000++ other Malaysians as a “monkey”, “sniper”, “jobless widow”, “goblok” etc.

Heh, this I have to say for them:

They say that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well, weave your own conclusion, I guess we already know who’s the real victor in this little drama, and if things proceed as it is until 2012 or 2013, we’ll see a new govt for GE13. If they think by becoming “goblok” themselves and organising a program that talks with “monkeys” live can cushion or even steer away their downfall, well, only time can tell.

But I suppose that’ll be nice too. The political drama here will be faster paced, and when the time comes for PR to fall sometime after they’re done for, the stakes will be higher. The drama and psychologies will be more interesting than Death Note and Code GEASS combined by that time, kuhkuhkuhkuh. By that time then, the self-fulfilled prophecy will come true, that “all politicians are the same” will come true, with a new definition to it. For now, the situation is a bit one-sided, just as it was for the past 50 years, then for the next how many years for PR, and then finally we get to elect “actors” for Malaysian political arena, the Death Note edition. Hell, it’s about time.

Things just keep getting better, if one wants to look at it as such, eh? Pop corns, anyone?

May 1, 2008

The ideal MP? What’s he/she like?

Heheh, I found a rather interesting topic about how the new generation of Members of Parliament (MP) come to the Parliament in normal, basic cars like Proton Wira, rather than chauffeured in S-classes or 7-series. YB Jeff Ooi who had his Wira towed since he parked it outside the Parliament, gets the attention as the police told him there’s “no parking space inside”, even when he has a VIP parking since he’s an MP. The topic went on to discuss about how security guards’ biased treatment on locals who appear to look poor, while foreigners seem to be given a better treatment. (more…)

April 15, 2008

Black 14 > managing traffic, shame on PDRM!!

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Last night, there was a heavy traffic in Semenyih while my friends and I were going out for dinner. A crucial part of the road is blocked by an overturned lorry, that what would normally takes 8 minutes turned to a 30 minutes crawl. There was not a single police traffic there, that someone had to volunteer to handle the traffic.

Today, I discovered that there was no police there yesterday because they were all stationed at Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s gathering at Sultan Sulaiman Club field to mark the end of his exile from politics, the day known as the “Black 14”.

Great. Apparently the police has yet to learn the lesson to forgo the “permit is needed to make a gathering” law. Reports made it clear that the gathering was rather peaceful and it needn’t permit as it was done in a private property anyway, so what’re the police so worried? Instead, they’ve wasted my 60 – 16 = 44 minutes stuck in the traffic for nothing, plus with all the cars moving so slow, it’s bad for the environment too, so where are the environ-mental-ists, aren’t they going to criticise the police for causing more baby polar bears to be drowned due to excessively unnecessary burning of fossil fuel?

That’s my loss. The police, meanwhile, lost more of my respect for them. Buck up, will ya? So much for their claim that they’ll be fair to both side of the political camp, and yet, they’d never done anything this radical when bee anne made protests in Penang, Perak n Selangor.

Hannah Yeoh in today’s myADUN!! ^_^

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Yeoh makes dad proud


Full name: Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan (DAP)
Age: 29
Marital status:
Number of children:
Education: Bachelor of Laws, University of Tasmania
Profession: Former event manager
ADUN of what area: Subang Jaya

AS THE eldest child in the family, Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh has been groomed from an early age to lead by example and to take her education seriously. (more…)

April 14, 2008

[Book] Why We Want You to Be Rich

A while back, I’ve posted about the price of counting your blessing, and as anyone can see, living in poverty is difficult, and it can only get more difficult.


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