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November 18, 2010

A step back for sustainability

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Yo, I’m learning how to make a post with photo on wordpress, this is quite an experimental post.

So there was a World Congress of Accountants held on 8-11th November at KL Convention Centre. Pretty prestigious, 6,000 delegates from over 100++ countries came. Held every once in 4 years. Last held at Turkey 2006, while next is at Rome, Italy 2014

Lots n lots of bald, fat old farts telling us basically to don’t do evil. There, now if only real world can be that simple.

Highlight would be DrM giving speech. Will dedicate a post on that later. For now, I’m gonna check out what this looks like on pc/laptop.


November 14, 2010

Smartphone, smartphone…

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No RM8 offer for being first?


November 1, 2010

Going mobile

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Yo, as mentioned from the previous post, I’m on a Blackberry 🙂

Just last week (Friday 29th Oct), I switched to Maxis postpaid. I conclude that it’s just not safe to use prepaid if you’re gonna use a smartphone. So now thanks to maxis, I can experiment more with my phone, do things I didn’t do previously for fear of being data charged.

So now I’m typing this post using wordpress for bb apps. Hopfully I can get used to this thing well.

I’ll be back ahaha

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