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November 14, 2010

Smartphone, smartphone…

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No RM8 offer for being first?

Apparently, the latest Bold 9780 has arrived in Malaysia. Only thing I know is it’s RM1,888 without contract. This event is GoMobile at KL Convention Centre (KLCC), which started on Friday 12th November. Decided to skip this, tired of going to that place again. Been there 4 days straight before, 8-11th Nov, working like hell becoming ‘student helpers’ at World Congress of Accountants. Will blog about it next hoho.

Back to Bold 9780. In many ways, it’s similar to Bold 9700 (known famously as Bold 2), except for 5 megapix camera (instead of 3.2), 512MB RAM and ROM (instead of 256MB), and some others too insignificant to notice except one: it comes with latest OS6.

That makes a Blackberry more in tune with the time rather than being a Technosaurus-rex. OS6 has a lot of improvements that makes it a more proper smartphone alongside iPhone or Android. Smoother, faster, more ‘playful’ enough to be cool rather than just a dreary, dour business tool. That’s a simplistic generalisation, but basically RIM, its creator, is playing catchup with Android and iPhone.

Actual truth

I sad

Now I just wish any Malaysian telco can give an offer as good as this Netherlands telco:

How contract should be like
2-year contract, €17.50/month, phone itself FOC

Its price is more expensive without contract there. But the whole idea of a contract is to subsidise it so heavily, it is worth the commitment, even free. I just wish Malaysian telcos are able to do that, cuz as of now, it just isn’t quite attractive enough. Except for those lucky first 10 BB Torch owners Celcom did. Dang.


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