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April 7, 2008

Kimi 2nd in Bahrain!!

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Yeah, he didn’t win it, at least 2nd is better than……everybody else, yohohoho. A Ferrari 1-2, am I hearing some people sighing there’s gonna be a boring 2008 season ahead? Well, I don’t think so, Massa has been particularly good on this track, judging by his last year’s win, he seemed to have perfected this track more than everyone else. We have yet to see whether he can truly drive in any track without traction control.

Worth noting is Hamilton having the McLaren’s lousy car syndrome, dropping from 3rd to 10th, and then he hit Alonso from behind!! Yeah, padan muka Alonso, wakakakakakak!! That caused Hamilton to finish 13th, and Kimi leading the driver’s championship!!

BMW-Sauber looked pretty strong with a 3-4 finish. Speed-wise, they’re definitely behind the Ferrari, but at least both their drivers seem to be very well without traction control. Heck, aside from Massa, everyone seemed to be fine without it. Though Kubica did had a trouble starting the Bahrain GP with wheelspin, I bet it’s got more to do with the car than the driver.

Next stop: Spanish GP, 25-27 April 2008. I’d expect Alonso to be boo-ed by his home fans, wakakakak. No longer the world champion, eh?

Anyway, I noticed that they don’t use champagne, but some non-alcoholic beverage to substitute champagne for the podium finishers. I wonder what abt Malaysia? AFAIK, they do use champagne, why didn’t they change it? Pakatan Rakyat could use this as a proof that we’re a secular state rather than Islamic state, yohohohoho.



  1. Well you gotta admit that Hamilton does have some talent. Otherwise, how would he have such a close shave with World Champion last season?

    Padan muka Alonso, lol..

    In F1 it’s not a fair fight for everyone. Yes all the engines have the same capacity n I’m guessing the same horsepower right? But how can you beat Ferrari’s years of engineering excellence?

    Comment by vincent — April 8, 2008 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

  2. Not sure whether today same horsepower or not, but before the 19,000rpm rev limit (since last year), I remember BMW engine was the most powerful horsepower-wise back in BMW-Williams day. But Ferrari got superior aerodynamic and top speed I suppose, and of course, Shoe-maker is teh gayz driver.

    Yes, padan muka Alonso, wakakakakakak. Got rumors abt he might join Ferrari, but Shoe-maker denied it. Scary lor……takut become like Kimi who denied rumors he joinin Ferrari since the day he was at Sauber, but today……Alonso’s best chance would be to join BMW-Sauber, but please……no Ferrari. Anytime I’d rather Massa-lah than Alonso, even if Massa-lah is er……bermasalah, yohohoho.

    There have been quite an effort to slow down Ferrari, especially with the rev limit, can see edi how McLaren suddenly becomes very, very reliable, and it also means Ferrari has less top speed advantage. Now there’s an engine development freeze until 2011 I think, so now the playing field is more leveled I suppose.

    A team that I foresee will pose a threat starting probably from next year will be Honda, they have Ross Brawn!! That guy performed magic with Ferrari, so I guess more interesting season next year. For now, Honda still with “save the world” strategy by burning less fuel. They make slow car and retire quite a lot last year mah, yohohohohoho.

    Comment by tokmoh — April 9, 2008 @ 12:48 am | Reply

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