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November 1, 2010

Going mobile

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Yo, as mentioned from the previous post, I’m on a Blackberry 🙂

Just last week (Friday 29th Oct), I switched to Maxis postpaid. I conclude that it’s just not safe to use prepaid if you’re gonna use a smartphone. So now thanks to maxis, I can experiment more with my phone, do things I didn’t do previously for fear of being data charged.

So now I’m typing this post using wordpress for bb apps. Hopfully I can get used to this thing well.

I’ll be back ahaha


October 15, 2010

I have returned

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Holla!! Been away from my blog for months huhu.

I’ve been thinking how should I write this blog again… These past few months away from this blog got me thinking just how am I to represent myself on the internet.

Observing the trend, it’s becoming a KISS (keep it short and simple) world (oh, pun intended on Kee’s World, my favourite The Star comic hohoho). Twitter, oh you.

I have yet to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but I’m on a crackberry, YEAAA!! So loving my Bold 9700 <3<3<3

Put simply, on gadgets, I think Android is the best, but it lacks bbm. I have always considered getting a HTC Desire but as the crackberry virus infected more and more people around me, I guess I have to make a practical choice.

Blackberry has a niche thanks to its bbm and much-lauded push-email or whatever. Since I’m on a 50sen/day celcom prepaid plan, I’m not gonna utilise it yet. I’m doing an experiment whether I can survive with just RM30/month before switching to either Digi or celcom postpaid.

iPhone is crap. It’s awesome when Android was still a foetus, but looking at its current direction, I’m convinced it’s evolved into just a fashion/status statement. To reference my friend, a phone you’d buy cuz you want people to tell you you’re cool. Not because it’s great, because it just isn’t. There’s the Antennagate, and now there’s the Glassgate.

Now moving on, 10.10.10. It has just passed. A day of joy for a few, and a day of grief for many more. So the ‘space tourist’ gets wedded, and he gets live telecast and sponsored by the govt or so I heard. Huh? Has his research secured patents worth billions of dollars to warrant such rewards?

The joy, however was short-lived by the bus accident tragedy. NOTTODISUSHITTOAGEN.JPEG!!

I’m mad. As with the rest of the country. Lives were lost in the most tragic way. It’s even gloomier to think that there will always be more accidents like this.

Ok, guess I’ll write more in future posts. 🙂

March 21, 2010

Another number goes up

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Happy birthday, Ayrton Senna. And me. And my sister. And… any other famous people who were born today?

Speaking of F1, this year it has gone through a(nother stupid) rule change where refuelling is banned during the race. The effect is… I experience what the F1 fans who have been watching the sports since Ayrton Senna or earlier days feel on the sport’s situation for the past few years.

Damn right it is

I have always noticed F1 have been on the decline, many old-timers have always said that the sports died after Ayrton Senna. For me, I picked it up thanks to Mika Hakkinen. Then Kimi Raikkonen. Now Sebastian Vettel, YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! But this year is simply catastrophic. The ruling made it too communist-ish to be enjoyable.

F1 has become too much like Malaysia. They know the issues/problems they’re facing (I think), yet, they’ve never addressed them quite right/effectively. They’re littered with stupid scandals, and 99% of rumours will come true.

On another note, Alice in Wonderland is rubbish in 2D. It’s like going to bed with Lady Gaga only to be told that she’s lesbian. Pointless. Orz

Ayrton Senna pic from zerotohundred.com
Lord Vader RAAAAAGEEEE from Shin87’s twitpic

January 23, 2010

Almost optimistic January…

Because it’s hard to be one when so many wrong things happen… BIG wrong things…

It has arrived…

That can be Malaysia now. Thank you very much, churchburners!! And surau burners!! And over 200,000 narrow-minded racist xenophobic. Fuck your life, but why want to fuck other people’s life?

Western = Eeeeevillllll = Facebook and Twitter

Just maybe, the REAL job of minister of culture, art blabla is to become a joker so ancient, he should be a hero in DotA.

So much for PhD from UCL. To think that it’s the 4th top university in the world…

On the bright side, my laptop is finally fitted with 2GB 800MHz RAM *plays ode to joy*. Next up: Windows 7 Ulti. Yeaahhhh……

USB 3.0 looks very delicious too. 5GBps transfer rate? Mmm…

Left4Dead 2. Awesome update is awesome. But I think Spitter is too gay when combo with another superzombie.

Baka to test to shokanju. That’s it, I admit.
I want to be his husbando.

December 31, 2009

Looking back…

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I felt 2009 has been a mixed year. Had some good moments, had some bad moments.

There have been many moments I felt very, veeeeery trolled. Transformers 2, Harry Potter, GI Joe, Eden of the East, Darker Than Black : Ryusei no Gemini, Suzumiya Haruhi, K-On, etc. There even isn’t The Stig’s communist cousin. baawwwwwwww………

But strangely, the ones that I missed are positively accepted. Disney’s Up!, District 9, err…… that’s it I guess. 2012 was rubbish AFAIK. I haven’t watched Avatar, and hopefully I can catch it. Darn, I kept thinking of “Avatar ready” sound when a Nod Avatar mech is completed (C&C3 : Tiberium Wars) whenever I hear the movie’s title.

I get to ride planes this year, after 8 long years, finally 🙂 There’s Air Asia’s B737-300 and A320-200; MAS’ B747-400; and SIA’s A380-800 and B777-200.

And some other stuffs I forgot or too hard to put into words.

Anyway, thank you 2009. O hai thar 2010.

November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha/Qurban/Haji

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1. Yeap. Selamat Hari Raya Haji to everyone.

2. The Alza is NOT an MPV. It’s just not. no. nehi.

3. Snapping a rat’s spine can be a bit traumatic… until it’s told on the internet. Then I realised I did a service to Subang Jaya.

4. I think I just rescued quite a number of old car owners. I left a comment on miti’s blog which went unpublished. And then next thing I know, they decided to cancel the regulation that required >15 y.o. car annual check.

5. I lol-ed:

October 20, 2009

The A380 Experience and TJCC

Emirate's A380

Oops, wrong one…


September 22, 2009

I’ll be back… soon

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Phew, August passed by without a single post, I ought to feel guilty huhu…

I perhaps should share with you all that I was doing a part-time job at MPH Bookstore Subang Parade. To be honest, working there gives me a very mixed feeling, I can’t tell whether I loved it or hated. It’s more like both, as I can’t deny each other’s points. I wanted to tell in more details about this, but I’m kinda afraid of the consequences, so I’ll close this matter here.

I have since resigned from it, only to get busy preparing for my raya trip to London, yeah!!

Cutey Big Bird
Malaysia Boleh, yeah!! MAS’ Boeing 747-400 MH002

My second sister, who works in Dublin is coming down as well, she’s basically the main purpose for this trip, as my family haven’t raya with her for… a while, yeap. It’s been 8 years since I last visited this place, it’s about time!! To date, Heathrow’s immigration is still very slow, I believe I had to wait about an hour queuing up to pass through it. It felt disappointing, as you’d expect a country which is more advanced than ours to be more efficient. Plus, it’s their gateway to the world, having a slow immigration clearance is to give a bad first impression for foreigners. I now can trust the award KLIA received better, although it still has room to improve. Which is why KLIA is the 7th best airport in the world at the moment, sadly, since it was 4th the previous year…

Earlier that day, while buying stuffs at Bazaar Ramadhan, I came across my former classmate. It’s been awhile since I last saw him, and now when we finally met, I was shocked to find out that we’re going to raya at the same city and in the same flight. So I did some catching up, and I guess the next time I have a yumcha session, I ought to notify him, hehehe.

Back to London, the weather to date, is pretty cold, but only as cold as an air-conded building in Malaysia. As for Hari Raya aka Eid Mubarak, it’s quite an experience celebrating it with Malaysians here. It feels like I’m back in Malaysia, the food, the people, the language, so it didn’t feel too bad.

One massive problem I’m facing now is lack of charger for the camera. I really should’ve listened to myself, that is to just bring the charger from home. No, I had to be foolish enough to believe my eldest sister that told me my 2nd sister will bring the charger, which she did, until I discovered that it couldn’t fit, despite both of us use Canon Ixus cameras. Worse still, my second sister forgot to bring her camera… *facepalm*

This problem had to solved soon… by ebay.co.uk!! Will update more soon. Later~~

Happy Eid mubarak!!
Happy Eid Mubarak 2009!!

July 11, 2009

My comp and my advice

My computer is broken since almost two weeks ago, the mobo was completely irrepairable. This has cut down the time I could go online significantly, as if it is already not troublesome enough for me to go online right now with my mom nagging on how I’m probably developing gay feelings to Anwar. To her, the internet = all things Anwar… and maybe cars and computer games, which will turn you into a being worse than mat rempit. Wargh…… I can’t facebook, lowyat, paultan, other blogs, etc. Terribly sorry if I appear “dead”, but it seems so until I can get a replacement.


June 11, 2009

Buy Proton lah…

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I just had a drink with my friend, and he told me his father planned to get him a brand new car below or around RM90k.

Unfortunately, having owned a Gen.2 before (which was abused very badly), his father is reluctant to get him another Proton (his current ride is a 2nd hand Honda Civic). There goes the Satria Neo CPS… or a Persona… or Gen.2 CPS… or Saga… Argh…

How about a Perodua Myvi? Nope, it’s underpowered, ugly, handling of a boat, thirsty, it’s just rubbish.

Toyota dugong? Nope, it’s too ugly I’d rather be gay with Mariya-san.

Honda City? Urgh, God it's bloody expensive and THAT UGLY GRILLE!! Besides, my friend wants to try avoid Hondas as its maintenance cost is killing him. Now who was it that said Japmobiles spare parts are cheap again?

Nissan Latio? Hmm… hmm… hmm….

Suzuki Swift? Sounds right. But there's the worry of second-hand value, maintenance cost and spare parts availability. And somehow there's a feeling you could've got something better. Like Satria Ne– Argh……

Maybe Korean– Err… right, that sounds like saying Malaysians drive as civilised as the British drivers…

Maybe the Peug 308, but his dad might refuse to get a conti…

How much was the cheapest Mazda3 again…


Or maybe his father should buy himself a car and pass on the Ford Escape to him. Get a Ford Focus or something.

Hmm… that's the best option aside from buying a Proton, cuz all Japmobiles now feel like rip-offs. Though unlikely. Argh…

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