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January 16, 2011

Money, Fame, and “Friends”

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Hi everyone, The Social Network (TSN) is the latest movie I watched. Very well advertised, especially on the internet, some even say it’s better than Inception (sorry, I disagree cuz I’m a Chris Nolan fanboy).

TSN is about how fb was found. It was originally an exclusive Harvard students-only network, today it’s for the entire world. Sounds like a description for a documentary show on History channel, except it’s spiced up by Hollywood. The events did happen, except they’re not as dramatic. So says the real Mr Zuckerburg (MrZ). So that’s the deception (yes, I purposely choose this word) implanted into all of those who watch this film.

If ever, the movie wanted to show how even the best of “friends” can be broken by fame and money. MrZ didn’t create fb alone. The idea of an exclusive social network for Harvardians-only originally came from the Winklevoss twins and Narendra. Though he didn’t steal any programming code, stealing an “idea” is lot harder to prove, if it can be called stealing at all (although they did win the lawsuit and compensated USD65m).

Another guy who got into trouble with MrZ is Eduardo Saverin. He helped MrZ to take care the business aspect ie Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of fb, according to wiki. According to the movie, he used USD19,000 to fund for the website to be up and running. In the end, he was betrayed when his shares had been diluted, reducing his net worth, but everyone else keeps their portion. In the movie, the percentage diluted was exaggerated, it got me cracking. So he sued fb. And won, though what happened had already happened. In real life, he gets to hold the title of co-founder of fb, but doubtful he’s on good terms with MrZ like their Harvard days.

Friends eh? Things got ugly between MrZ and Winklevoss when fb was more popular than their own version. Then things got ugly between him and Saverin when BIG money gets in the way. Sure, MrZ wasn’t doing it for the sake of money (as told in the movie too), but it never changed the fact that money and popularity followed him. That made it possible for him to discard Winklevoss gang and Saverin once their roles are complete.

The movie somewhat painted MrZ as a traitorous arsehole. I can’t quite remember why he decided to make his own thefacebook (the first version before Sean Parker told him to drop the “the” to become only “facebook”) while he’s working with the Winklevoss, but he was somewhat influenced by the charismatic Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake) to indirectly betray Saverin, reducing his role from CFO into nothingness. The arsehole part of MrZ? Well, the movie started by showing MrZ on a date talking about very geeky stuffs and somewhat confrontational with his gf. What is he, a robot? As she puts it, MrZ is not miserable bcuz he’s a nerd, but it’s bcuz he tries too hard to be an arsehole. And he does have a angry nerd attitude throughout the whole movie. I doubt the real world MrZ is as PR disaster as depicted in the movie. And despite having differences with Winklevoss gang and Saverin, I doubt it’s as dramatic as depicted too.

Most of these stuffs were made up to add drama to the movie. Bcuz if it’s factual, it’ll be just 2 hours of programmers talking alien language, eating pizzas, writing codes.

It is still an interesting movie, but it’s just a bit too dangerous a thing to meddle with. Using real events and then fictionalise it, that is. On the contrary, taking fiction and adding elements of realism, if executed well, is epic. Like Inception and Dark Knight. That, is why I prefer Hollywood take the latter direction.


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