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August 9, 2007

My First Ferrari

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Ok, that sounds like the old Proton Savvy ads, but hey, a Ferrari shirt is still a Ferrari!!

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Got it for RM115 after 50% discount at the Subang Parade!! It can be worn inside-out, or outside-in, clever indeed!! I’m lovin’ it!! That felt strange to say since I used to support McLaren, but hey, Kimi is in Ferrari now, so too bad McLaren!! Kimi Raikonen ftw!!


August 7, 2007

Between me and Proton

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Over the net, I’ve always appeared to be defending Proton, a “Protonian” as some would call. Truth is, I drive one…..two actually. Sometimes I do drive my dad’s Waja, but mostly, I’m happy with the Saga.

That said, I’m nt helping them reluctantly. It seems under the management of Syed Zainal Abidin, their current Managing Director, they seem to be doin fairly well. The millions of loss for the past three quarter financial year was a disaster to forget for them, and recovery is hence, necessary. Rather than solely hoping VW to save them, it seems they’re actually doing some work on their own while the deal and talking’s progresses. The Gen.2 saloon (I don’t like to use the word sedan) is about to be launched hopefully this 15th August. It may seem a step backward actually for Proton, because I don’t think there’s much progress technically in the car, but it is vital as their financial booster. They desperately need to make a cheap, practical saloon to get them back in the black, and what better way than to ‘saloon-ise’ their current hatch-only Gen.2. It certainly won’t attract or excite an enthusiast like me, but to most other who’s looking for a Myvi with boot ie a saloon at a good price, the options would be just Wira or Saga. Quoting from Starcraft 2 Trailer: “Hell, it’s about time”. Bang on. Bring in the new model, and there ought to be no more “Proton? Ugh….they’re still selling 20-year-old tech.”

It may not be perfect, well, to be honest, I don’t expect much from the new saloon, but things can only get better I feel. They’ve just entered the China market, and plans to have an assembly plant in Egypt, to expand further in Africa and Middle East.

“Where you begin is not as important as where you end.” Where Proton ends up would depend highly on their effort. With Syed Zainal Abidin, I believe they’ll be able to soar to a new height properly. And because of that, I liked them much more than Perodua and Naza. Oh sure, they’re hardworking too, and they are not gonna get disastrous as Proton right now, at least in the near future that is. But how they do it is what doesn’t get my support much. Cheap (tactically, not financially), but effective.

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