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January 16, 2011

Money, Fame, and “Friends”

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Hi everyone, The Social Network (TSN) is the latest movie I watched. Very well advertised, especially on the internet, some even say it’s better than Inception (sorry, I disagree cuz I’m a Chris Nolan fanboy).



March 21, 2010

Another number goes up

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Happy birthday, Ayrton Senna. And me. And my sister. And… any other famous people who were born today?

Speaking of F1, this year it has gone through a(nother stupid) rule change where refuelling is banned during the race. The effect is… I experience what the F1 fans who have been watching the sports since Ayrton Senna or earlier days feel on the sport’s situation for the past few years.

Damn right it is

I have always noticed F1 have been on the decline, many old-timers have always said that the sports died after Ayrton Senna. For me, I picked it up thanks to Mika Hakkinen. Then Kimi Raikkonen. Now Sebastian Vettel, YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! But this year is simply catastrophic. The ruling made it too communist-ish to be enjoyable.

F1 has become too much like Malaysia. They know the issues/problems they’re facing (I think), yet, they’ve never addressed them quite right/effectively. They’re littered with stupid scandals, and 99% of rumours will come true.

On another note, Alice in Wonderland is rubbish in 2D. It’s like going to bed with Lady Gaga only to be told that she’s lesbian. Pointless. Orz

Ayrton Senna pic from zerotohundred.com
Lord Vader RAAAAAGEEEE from Shin87’s twitpic

December 31, 2009

Looking back…

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I felt 2009 has been a mixed year. Had some good moments, had some bad moments.

There have been many moments I felt very, veeeeery trolled. Transformers 2, Harry Potter, GI Joe, Eden of the East, Darker Than Black : Ryusei no Gemini, Suzumiya Haruhi, K-On, etc. There even isn’t The Stig’s communist cousin. baawwwwwwww………

But strangely, the ones that I missed are positively accepted. Disney’s Up!, District 9, err…… that’s it I guess. 2012 was rubbish AFAIK. I haven’t watched Avatar, and hopefully I can catch it. Darn, I kept thinking of “Avatar ready” sound when a Nod Avatar mech is completed (C&C3 : Tiberium Wars) whenever I hear the movie’s title.

I get to ride planes this year, after 8 long years, finally 🙂 There’s Air Asia’s B737-300 and A320-200; MAS’ B747-400; and SIA’s A380-800 and B777-200.

And some other stuffs I forgot or too hard to put into words.

Anyway, thank you 2009. O hai thar 2010.

January 8, 2009

I begin 2009 with…

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2009 lolwut

11.161 L of RON97. Right…..


August 24, 2008

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is cooler than Audi R8

The Joker

Now I want to make it absolutely plain that I was overall quite disappointed with Ironman. Prior to watching it, reviews everywhere claim “it’s the movie of the year”, “better than Transformers”, etc. I’m sorry, I reckon if you ask a 3-year-old “Which is cooler? A truck which can transform into a giant talking robot and fight to protect humanity or a hero inspired by tinman in Alice in Wonderland?”, he/she’ll tell you the former. The Ironman was considered great by many becuz the hero drives an Audi R8.

Big deal. Batman drives the batmobile and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. NOW we have THE movie of the year, ok? And of course, there’s The Joker, played brilliantly by the late Heath Ledger. Honestly, Ledger wasn’t in the movie at all. I could only see The Joker in the movie. Borrowing his quote, why so serious? Now we have a serious contender to Darth Vader as “movies’ best villain ever” poll, agree?

I’ve been addicted to the soundtrack lately. The dark theme brought by Christopher Nolan is just fitting at dark times like now with excessive politicking in Malaysia and I see many despair surrounds me.

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