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April 29, 2008

Kimi won in Spanish GP!! Ferrari 1-2!!

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Yeah, it’s a Ferrari 1-2, with Kimi winning the race!! Massa seemed to have improved to be able to finish second, but we’ll still wait and see. The good news is, Ferrari has taken the lead for constructor’s points against BMW Sauber.

The bad news is, Heikki crashed!! Oh dear, I sincerely hope he’s fine, even if he’s from a McLaren. It’s great to see Kimi celebrated his victory for one millisecond, and then got more concerned about his fellow Finn comrade. Thankfully, he seemed to be all right, and hopefully, he’ll be able to race in Turkey GP next 2 weeks. Could this crash be Heikki’s Kubica-ed process? Ever since Kubica was involved in a horror crash in Canada last year, Kubica has become a scarily fast driver, even faster than his more experienced teammate, Nick Heidfeld!! So hopefully, from now on, Heikki can provide more drama and suspense for this year’s F1 season!! Gambatte, Heikki-san!!

Oh, another good news is Alonso retired the race with some problem with his car, WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAK!!

Somehow, Kimi’s new haircut is……not suitable for him!! He looks like some British football hooligan (Rooney, perhaps?), noooo……why must his hair go T.T?!?!?! That’s why I just take this photo when he’s wearing the cap, looks ok, right? Nevertheless, I’ll still support him!! FORZA KIMI!! FORZA FERRARI!! Yohohoho!!

Next stop: PETROL OFISI TURKISH GRAND PRIX (Istanbul) 11 May

May we have another dominant Kimi victory there, yohohoho.



  1. i totally lost touch of F1. the best of F1 is the accidents. ahahhahah

    Comment by kevin — April 29, 2008 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  2. Accident kah…..too much accident bosan lak, in the end if two cars left, aiyo…very boring race la like that.

    Overtaking is the best bit of F1 🙂 . The more, the better. Trouble is, today’s F1 car is much harder to overtake lor, stupid rules, always change every year to slow down the car and make it harder to overtake. Maybe if the car cannot improve, need to improve the driver. How? Clarkson’s suggestion on improving F1:

    “I’ve had other thoughts, too. We’re told the cars lose front end grip when tucked in the turbulent wake of another, so overtaking is impossible. Hmm.

    I’d like to put that to the test by paying the drivers £25,000 a year and then giving them a million pounds a point. This, I feel sure, would overcome any ‘aerodynamic’ difficulties. ”

    I seriously think it’s a very good suggestion!!

    Comment by tokmoh — April 30, 2008 @ 2:48 am | Reply

  3. overtaking plus accident baru syok!

    Comment by kevin — May 2, 2008 @ 4:43 pm | Reply

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