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June 10, 2009

Very Japanese… NOT!!

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Somehow, Paul Tan made me want to post this too.

How hard can it be to park properly? “Emergency” excuse is sooo lame…

Responses from Paul’s Low Yat thread suggested these cars deserve scratches, even puncturing the radiator. Then the owner replied he/she wanted Paul to blur the plate number, I’d say I’LL SATSUGAI YOU FUCKING BITCH PIG!! YOU’LL BE KRAUSER-SAN’S SACRIFICE!!

Double parking is another annoyance. Thankfully, the one time a double parker blocked my friend’s car, the owner left his card on the dash, so I rang the owner. Bloody Myvi, it should be satsugai-ed too.

Ah, Malaysian drivers. They reckon they’re fucking good driving their Japmobile around. But,

1. They don’t drive like Japanese drivers.
2. They’re not honorific enough to seppuku for their sins, despite “Japanising” their ride.
3. It’s a model made to insult other Asians.
4. Somebody said City developed in Thailand, n praises Thailand for being open n blablabla. Yayayaya, just another excuse to say “Proton go close shop”. So Persona is a “Gen.2 with butt job” to them, but City ain’t “Jazz/Fit with butt job”?
5. Persona > City > Dugong
6. Malaysia > Thailand. There’s too many traps in Thailand. She’s haw– O shi– IT’S A TRAP!!
7. New City is just no. Nonono.

On side note, I wonder if I should go to Blood: The Last Vampire party… Free Kenny Roger’s n Starbucks sounds… hmm……


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