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July 11, 2009

My comp and my advice

My computer is broken since almost two weeks ago, the mobo was completely irrepairable. This has cut down the time I could go online significantly, as if it is already not troublesome enough for me to go online right now with my mom nagging on how I’m probably developing gay feelings to Anwar. To her, the internet = all things Anwar… and maybe cars and computer games, which will turn you into a being worse than mat rempit. Wargh…… I can’t facebook, lowyat, paultan, other blogs, etc. Terribly sorry if I appear “dead”, but it seems so until I can get a replacement.

Anyway, another issue with another different friend of mine. Back in March, this friend of mine have an option of getting Myvi, Savvy or Satria Neo Lite, all manual transmission. I advised him to go for Savvy as it is fuel efficient, the Myvi is just nonono, whereas the Satria Neo is pricier than the Savvy. But he prefers the Satria Neo cuz it’s THE Satria Neo. Well, if he insist, yes, it is better looking, it has 1.6 Campro, it is in a higher class than Savvy.

Besides, he used to buy a 2nd hand Satria year 2001 IIANM last December. Unfortunately, he was caught by JPJ for installing Xenon lights without adjusting, so he headed to puspakom. Then, he discovered his engine has duplicated serial number, in other words, he’s driving a stolen car. And so he had to wait for awhile for puspakom to compensate his the car, which was RM15k IIRC. I never had the chance to see it. It was gone as quickly as it appeared. Too soon before I could look at it. Tough luck…

Then he found this one 2nd hand satria year 2000 IIRC at puchong, going for RM10k, with about 70k++ mileage. Now that I think about it, just maybe, the mileage had been tempered, but whatever, at RM10k, it’s quite a bargain. The interior is a bit shabby, but the seller offers to clean it and make it in tip-top condition before giving it to him. My friend paid for its booking. It was blue in colour.

But alas, before he can settle it down, the next thing I know, he told me he booked another 2nd hand Satria, and it is his favourite colour, black. The interior is also as good as new. I remember the troubles of getting it back from the seller of the blue satria, and in the end, he couldn’t get the booking fee back in full, as the seller had used some of the money to re-advertise in a motoring ads again.

Then his father asked him to just get a brand new car. And so he burnt the booking fee for the third black satria with brand new-like interior. So that should give an idea of how Satria is a desireable car. Emm…… desire has a new name… Brilliant tagline indeed for Satria Neo.

And so it was decided. A black Satria Neo Lite it was, although I pestered him until the end to take iridescent white cuz I think that is a better colour.

But then, disaster comes.

No, the major problem is not quality, although he did experience two problems: his left headlight faded, and his hand brake couldn’t be engaged even after it was pulled up, but they were easily solved by the SC. He did have to wait for the headlight replacement for awhile. His power window still works as good as new. These two problems caused his dad to say “why not go for city or civic?” Pulak dah…… dah beli baru nak sanggup naikkan budget……

The major problem is fuel consumption. At first it was a nighmarishly bad at around 8-11km/L. I said it will improve after the 1,000km service, and adviced him some tips on how to save petrol: constant speed, 90km/h, get to top gear ASAP, check tyre pressure frequently blablabla. So he no longer do 180km/h, smoking C-class, or all sorts of nonsense. Subsequently, his f/c did improve, he did achieve 14-16km/L. Phew…

But as it is currently a long summer break, he is doing less trips to the highways (stays in Cheras, college in Subang Jaya), and most of the time driving around his neighborhood. With RM10, he can get less than 50km, which is around… above 20sen/km, or below 9km/L. And now his dad wants him to get a Myvi or Swift or Civic Hybrid. Maybe he can keep the Neo. Maaaaybe…… but more importantly…


From my point of view, his problems are not outlandishly ridiculous like the granpa’s story that proton bashers in paultan/motortrader/lowyat/internet likes to tell. I have another friend whose dad bought a Mini Cooper S around the same month as his Neo too. Whenever the driver side’s door gets wet by rain or car wash, it will make very annoying noise when power window is used. That’s Mini Cooper S, yes, the turbocharged variant, less than a year old. This friend also has 320i E90, which had to be in the workshop for a year. ONE YEAR. Sitting in the Naza SC waiting for parts to fly in from Germany, only to break down again and again. So really, quality defect is not an exclusive problem in Proton, but then again, BMW is famous to be Banyak Masuk Workshop. Nak pakai, kene sanggup bayar la.

And I clearly remember talking about Savvy’s fuel efficiency, and he’s getting the manual if he was to go for it. Spare parts for it will be cheaper than AMT’s, and if he bothers to engage with savoc communities, he’ll know where he can save more too.

But alas, the damage has been done. His dad may not welcome another Proton at his home. And so he, the friend I was talking about in the last post and I went to showrooms last Wednesday. Here’s my verdict for all showrooms we went:

The good: Suzuki

The salesman was friendly, we were talking like buddies by the time we left. I was excited to know he used to own a Ford Focus mk2 pre-facelift, but sold it as he had an accident (he bought it 2nd hand in the first place, lol). Fearing bad omen (baaaaw… T_T), he now owns a Swift. Now that’s a good salesman, as he can give his experience of owning it, quoting his own f/c, cost of maintainance etc.

The bad: Honda and Toyota

At Honda, there was a saleswoman who approached us, but she was very quiet. Also, there is very little info about Civic Hybrid, even she don’t know where one can get a test drive of it. But according to the brochure, it can do 21km/L, and with 50L fuel tank, it theoretically can 1,000km per full tank. Also, I discovered new City’s rear headroom is pretty bad.

Toyota was even worse. The salesmen would look at us with a “if you don’t have the money, leave” face. Plus, their cars were just awful. I now found out the rear headroom in dugong is still too little. Altis was no better. Seriously, Persona and even Saga has better headroom than these two… and the City as well. The dugong J on display had centre console that turned all three of us off. 1 DIN radio, manual for a price that’s more expensive than the better-equipped Waja CPS, ptooih. They even put info nearby it on how it compares with another competitor, heh, must’ve been the City, which have already sold 10k units. The dugong, is getting the pressure to keep the sales up it seems. However, I managed to get info about the upcoming 3rd gen Prius. It will arrive next month (August) and it will be around RM175k. KNNCCB, mahal sangat lah!!!

The ugly: Perodua

Lying is ugly when it’s exposed. Saying most cars today still have 3-speed auto, while bragging Myvi has 4-speed is absolutely bullshit. I have to admit, it may have an edge with using timing chain, while most other cars use timing belt, but still, I believe that is a rather small advantage. Sure, the belt may snap, but hey, who knows, maybe chains can fail too. And I remember she was saying about Myvi being DOHC, whereas some Proton has SOHC. Oh puh-leez… the 1.8L Honda Civic is SOHC, is there any problem? And AFAIK, all Proton today is DOHC… from the Saga BLM to the Perdana V6. The saleswoman was also talking about Myvi is also japanese, why need to pay extra RM30k for swift? It just sell under perodua badge to get tax exemption, other it may have to sell RM70k, RM80k if under Toyota badge. Hmm… Sounds not bad, except that it kills the point of being a national car. Ok, maybe Proton used to do that in its early years, but does Perodua have an ambition like Proton to produce its own engine, platform etc with the profit they make? Or they’d rather just ship it to Japan without questioning? I asked her about Nautica too, criticising it for being fully-imported and she said they have to sell a lot to be locally assembled, and there might be issue with Toyota Indonesia (which brings in the Rush). They’ve not been getting APs, cuz no demand, but then again, they want to push sales for Myvi n Viva. Hah, Nautica fails. Annoyingly, I see them quite often in Subang Jaya. Grrr……



  1. my thoughts exactly.

    hey you could check out ep 3 season 13 of top gear for myvi,aveo and neo bashing.

    Comment by kevin — July 11, 2009 @ 11:56 am | Reply

    • Those bashings doesn’t really apply here. They are earning enough money to drive a M3 as an everyday car. If they own those kinda income, why would they buy any of those 3 cars. You only get what you paid for in those cars.

      Comment by vincent — July 14, 2009 @ 12:18 am | Reply

  2. Smoking C-Class? Seriously?

    I love your Satria friend’s dad. If he ever asked me that question, I will say, “Ok esok kita pergi showroom.”

    Comment by vincent — July 14, 2009 @ 12:21 am | Reply

  3. Man if only my parents ask me this question:

    “Boy, we are taking you to the MB showroom tomorrow.”

    I’d be jumping up and down like a toddler. But then, I’d rather own my 1st car from my hard earned money, more sentimental value haha.

    Comment by KitKat — July 14, 2009 @ 9:10 pm | Reply

  4. Kev: Haha, normal lah they bash Asian/American cars. It’s just for the fun of it. Now tgh downloading ep4 :3

    Vince: Yea, some stupid C200K driver like to cucuk him, then he cucuk that fella back. In the end, my fren take out steering wheel lock, that guy cabut terus, lol.

    That Suzuki guy contacted my fren back, saying he got offer free leather seat now, n a bank is giving 2.88% interest for 9-year loan too, nice!!

    Kitkat: Hehe, go MB showroom have to dress like Datuk Seri lor. Speaking of which, no news at all abt KLIMS 2009, hmm…

    From own money definitely more satisfied, hehe.

    Comment by tokmoh — July 16, 2009 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  5. tokmoh & vincent :

    muahaha, but i kinda like the way he garu the myvi and hammond kutuk the neo.

    Comment by kevin — July 16, 2009 @ 10:19 pm | Reply

    • Ahh, classic, aren’t they? 🙂

      Anyway, just watched episode 4, the Ford Focus RS is AWESOME!! So awesome I died…

      Comment by tokmoh — July 16, 2009 @ 10:48 pm | Reply

  6. ahh, its nice. dont think they will have it here though.

    Comment by kevin — July 16, 2009 @ 11:23 pm | Reply

  7. Guess car sales ain’t that good for Suzuki..

    Next time when ada duit, go showroom must pakai selipar n sarung with an unshaven face. Then try telling them you wanna test drive. Haha.

    I heard KLIMS 09 was postponed indefinitely. Not that sure tho.

    Comment by vincent — July 18, 2009 @ 8:37 pm | Reply

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