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January 28, 2009

Prosperous CNY… eh?

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To those that I have yet to wish, Happy Chinese New Year!! It’s the year of the ox, where the feng shui masters and all are talking about those born during the year of the rabbit (like me) are unlucky harhar.

Well, I have become a millionaire this year:

money money money money...
You’ve been rickrolled lolololol!!

Okok, so its 1.5million rupiah, or RM502.50, but numerically, it’s still over a million bwahahahahaha. Man, Nokia 5300’s camera is sad without natural light…..

And another thing, since now is the festive season, roads around KL and here in Subang Jaya are so empty you can literally sleep on it safely. But that sounds like a beggar’s PoV on road, so from a petrolhead’s PoV, it’s a great time to drive, yeah!! Like roads, internet has become abnormally smooth……

believe it
I saw 8.4MB/s briefly before that…

Since the mid term test was over last week, I’ve been caught up with Macross Frontier. It started out nicely, even epic I would say for the first episode. Then, it somehow went downhill story-wise. The animation was kinda inconsistent too, I could go on for more, but I’d like to stop here because I don’t care!! It’s a gem I’d say, I have yet to watch any series that is this focused on music. Very. Good. Music. So good, even Putin is a fan of Ranka-chan (sorry, Kurogane, I’ve gotta borrow this from you):

Kira pose ftw
Taro Aso, you’re not the only politician + otaku … in the world.

Right, tomorrow… I mean today, I’ll need to get to LCCT at 730am. Be back this Saturday, so re ja~!!



  1. eh macross is something like robotech right?

    Comment by kevin — January 28, 2009 @ 7:17 pm | Reply

  2. Yep. Actually, robotech was based on 3 series of which one of it includes macross series. U watched robotech before? I wasn’t even born when it first aired 😛

    Comment by tokmoh — February 1, 2009 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

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