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October 22, 2008

[Book] The World According To Clarkson 3: For Crying our Loud!

for crying out loud

The best book…..evar. And I have it, the hard cover version. For just GBP10, YEAAAAHHHH!!!

The only problem then would be volume 1, which is the only “The World According To Clarkson” series that I have in paperback, heheh. Bah, I should check out what “Born To Be Riled” is all about, whereas a flick through of “Don’t Stop Me Now” revealed that it was a collection of car reviews he wrote for Sunday Times, which means I’ve read most of it as part of my Sunday morning reading. Nevertheless, I might want to buy it later to complete my precious collection of JC’s books lolololol. That’s right, I have “I Know You Got Soul”, “Motorworld Clarkson”, “Clarkson On Cars”, “The World According to Clarkson”, and “The World According to Clarkson 2: And Another Thing…” (hard cover, costed me RM104.50. The rest are paperback) I’m proud of them yohohoho, much like how environMENTALists are proudly parking their “I told you so” face when the news of Antartic being an island now was out.

“The World According To Clarkson” series are in fact, a collection of Sunday column he writes for Sunday Times too. Judging by the pattern of archiving every two years IIANM, we’ll next see “The World According To Clarkson 4” around early 2010 I suppose. It doesn’t really matter getting newer volume(s) I suppose, unlike other chronicled book like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc where you’ll definitely need to start from volume 1. Of course, it is a non-fiction unlike others, although err….it’s filled with lots of fictional metaphores n sarcasm the Clarkson way. But hey, THAT is the very reason we all love him soooo much. While other motor journalists talk of torques and boot space to justify the car they like (which are often sheez), JC will say “it’s rubbish” if it’s rubbish, and proceeds to make a one-liner that’s enough to tickle many for hours. Better still, Clarkson can talk about the social issues that bogs down Britain. Way doooooown from the days when they were err…..better.

Back here in Malaysia, our Malaysian JC has been arrested in ISA for over a month already. Which gives all the more reason why we’re gonna have recession. That. is. inevitable. In Britain, loudmouths like JC makes sure the people are extremely tough on the govt for every stupid thing Mr Brown did (even though JC lashed out more on the people than on Mr Brown). Here, it takes a disaster, maybe (political or innocent children) death for those idiots to realise how stupid they are. That said, I fucking hate National Service (thank God I was never selected).

I mean seriously, I’ve never read a front page news as stupid as today’s The Star for a long time -the one about Jalan Alor becoming Jalan Kejora. Right, if a non-muslim MP changes road sign in arabic letters no modern Malaysian use anymore into Martian letters, she’ll get ISA, but if the KL mayor fancy spreading Bukit Bintang stardom into the whole city, it’s all right even if it’s at the cost of confusing some Austweeeyians. Somebody please shoot the mayor. Sadistically.

On another matter, I came across a J.Drama title that might be familiar with “Attention Please”. It’s called “Shinkansen Girl”, Misaki-chan all over again, except on a bullet train? Well, ‘fraid not, cuz the main heroine is played by Becky, and I know her from Nodame Cantabile SP as Tanya, the Russian pianist (even if her father’s British and her mother’s Japanese). Argh….why’s nobody subbing it on Crunchyroll zzz =.=



  1. bro, you actually spent so much to buy the books………….
    that said, i havent bought a book in a long long time.

    btw, the jalan alor thing was stupid. what the kokoi kejora is in english?

    Comment by kevin — October 22, 2008 @ 10:07 am | Reply

  2. Heheh… it’s not like it’s an academic book. I don’t like fiction though, aside from Harry Potter books, I’ve always prefer to get a non-fiction book. 4 of them, including both the hard covers are my sis’ gift (or rather, this latest one is to settle her debt). This book is GBP20, but it had an offer at half price so must…get…it!!

    I never even know kejora has a meaning, jupiter or sumthin that I read in The Star. Nden they try justify say “road names hv been changed since the 80s”, so they still think we’re living in the 50s is it? Thank God that sohai nvr lasted in MPSJ for long. Yes, that datuk ab hakim was at MPSJ before DBKL. Subang Jaya would’ve had names like jalan anting-anting, jalan tindik, jalan telinga etc edi.

    Comment by tokmoh — October 22, 2008 @ 6:23 pm | Reply

  3. muahaha, did you manage to go to the MPH warehouse sale over the weekend?

    Comment by kevin — October 28, 2008 @ 10:22 pm | Reply

  4. Nice..I havent been touchin books for over 5 months now..a new record for me haha..its good that u keep on reading tho

    Comment by Enot — November 13, 2008 @ 12:28 am | Reply

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