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May 1, 2008

The ideal MP? What’s he/she like?

Heheh, I found a rather interesting topic about how the new generation of Members of Parliament (MP) come to the Parliament in normal, basic cars like Proton Wira, rather than chauffeured in S-classes or 7-series. YB Jeff Ooi who had his Wira towed since he parked it outside the Parliament, gets the attention as the police told him there’s “no parking space inside”, even when he has a VIP parking since he’s an MP. The topic went on to discuss about how security guards’ biased treatment on locals who appear to look poor, while foreigners seem to be given a better treatment. I then poked the thread starter of whether it’s fine to have your leaders arriving at the Parliament in a motorbike or walking there, presumably they took the public transport. As a leader, it’s kinda awful if he/she can’t afford a car, unless he/she goes by the name Mahatma Gandhi. His reply is that MPs should be judged by what they do, not what they wear, drive, or how big their house is. While that is true, I feel that I ought to give him the other aspect to determine a good MP, and I told him back this:

Hoho……when I said “they’re leaders”, they ought to “lead by example”. Having nice homes and cars may be a good thing if it can motivate people to work hard to become rich too. More so by the leaders, since they’ll touch more people’s lives. So they ought to give advice, encouragement, and guidance to the people to become rich too, hoho. Sharing is caring, and so sharing is also a quality they need to have as a leader. They should share with the people the experience of a great life money can allow them to afford.

Of course, they’d still need to know how to “ukur baju di badan sendiri” (know how to be realistic with your current situation). And of course, the need for transparency for people to know that their nice possessions are not sourced from the people’s tax paid. There can be many ways to become rich and afford to have those nice stuffs legally and morally, without stooping so low to corruption.

Especially in this time of rising cost of rice, mee, flour, (soon) fuel etc and expensive private and overseas college/university fees (since I suppose 99% of forummers here would deem public U as “hopeless”), many discussions would point that “being rich is nice, since they’d be least affected by the rising cost of living”. How about if everyone become rich then? “Lead by example”, leaders should be responsible to teach the people “how to fish”. Giving the people “fish” is kinda short-term, I thank them if they can afford to, like S’gor govt giving S’gorians free 20m3 water soon, but take that away, and you’ll see those who can’t “fish” complain, suffer, and would vote anyone as long as he/she’s not from the current governing party.

Get my drift? A leader must be financially smart, and ought to present themselves as such step by step according to the size of “baju di badan sendiri”, therefore they must have an ambition and goal in life to achieve, not like say, before election drive Kancil, but after election drive a Porsche, then……that leader need to be investigated by ACA…

Who I prefer to respect? The one that is more financially smart and morally righteous. How to tell? By looking at their financial statement, made possible by transparency, and to keep an eye on him/her to know his/her moral compass. Easier to know now with the advent of the internet.

Riding a motorbike, walking, huff…..ride a car at least please, a Proton/Perodua would do good to project a “buy Malaysian” image. Riding public transport may sound noble, but knowing Malaysia’s, that MP could end up having a bad punctuality record.

What’s your idea of an ideal MP? Does being one means it’s forbidden to own a Merc or BMW, to avoid people thinking you’re wasting the tax they’d paid? If that’s so, then we might as well be a communist country. That sucks, since I’ll have to wave goodbye to my dream Ford Focus ST, Alfa Romeo Brera Spider, Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS, iphone, Asus Lamborghini, trip around the world et cetera. We’re gonna be told to live our life like a bald man that freed India because that is deemed to be absolutely noble. Keyword: absolutely.

“Thou shalt liveth modestly below thy’s means” is the poor people’s interpretation of how life is supposed to be. Unless you’re mentally poor, then go ahead. But IMHO, that’s a bad way of life. You see, the majority of the people I’ve come across in my life are mentally rich, with great ambition and dream to own lovely “worldly possessions”. So why do we have to lie to ourselves that we don’t need it, that we’ll appear ‘selfish’, ‘arrogant’, ‘corrupted’ etc if we own it? Aren’t the people driving Ferraris, live in nice villas considered successful (disclaimer: this does not apply to AP kings and cronies) ? Are we successful if we don’t achieve our dreams?

I guess that’s the challenge of dreaming to become rich in Malaysia, you’d get tonnes of holier-than-thou Gandhi’s lifestyle fanboy looked up as wise and noble in the society ranking, while great rich people like Adam Khoo, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Jeremy Clarkson are as unpopular and unappealing as collecting dead mosquitoes as a hobby. Yes, I do respect Gandhi for his great sacrifice and effort to free India, but to cultivate his lifestyle today is too impractical. I’d rather be honest to myself that I wanna be rich, and enjoy all the great things the world can offer and share it with the people who want to be with me for who I am. The more, the better and merrier for everyone .

Believe me, those holier-than-thou Gandhi’s lifestyle fanboys will be pushed to the edge financially some time in their life, and more often than not, they’re the kind of people to give in to corruption in that kinda desperate situation. Why? Because they think “money is the root of all evil”, well, that’s what I call a “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

If you’re financially smart enough to make your own million, do you still need to steal from the taxpayers? That’ll be like knowing how to cook with all the ingredients at your home kitchen, and then rob from the pizza delivery boy. This will then be a test of your moral compass and sanity.

So the truth is, “lack of money is the root of all evil”. Just like how when you’re so hungry, you’d steal to fill up your stomach; money matter applies the same principle as well.



  1. Hahaha.. ‘Lack of money is the root of all evil’.. U still want to trade in your Type-R for a F430? Lol. Tokmoh, no matter how clean an MP is, he cannot be ideal. Just like everything in this world. There is nothing ideal. There is no such MP.

    If he were to exist I’m not sure I would want from him. Hmmm.. He must be able to differentiate plans. Short-termed ones and long-termed ones. He must be able to decide what’s best for the Rakyat and the country for a long term. For example, petrol subsidy. Take it away immediately or ease it off slowly. It’s good for the country in the long run.

    He must be able to listen to our(Rakyat) voice too. He must be an open minded one. One who listens to all parties involved and makes judgement based on what’s best for everyone.

    He must be disciplined in Parliament sessions. He must not be yelling at an opposition MP and calling him names like ‘beruk besar’ or ‘atap bocor’.

    I think that’s all I can think of now.. Hate politics, thousand-faced b******s everywhere..

    About Jeff Ooi, that always happen in our country. Double-standards.

    Comment by vincent tan — May 5, 2008 @ 1:59 am | Reply

  2. dont know what to say.

    i still think azfar “likes” his subang MP alot. leng lui kan?

    Comment by kevin — May 6, 2008 @ 10:53 am | Reply

  3. Azfar why not join politics and be the next Anuar Ibrahim? You can have her as your wife too.. lol.. =p

    Comment by vincent tan — May 7, 2008 @ 12:06 am | Reply

  4. Kevin: Leng lui, leng lui la, but haiya, she did her job well kan? Dengue case in SJ turun drastically tau, nyeheheheheh. She also raised awareness of such urban poverty in SJ, she helped that USJ5 school to settle the food poisoning issue, blablabla. Gokurosamadeshita.

    Vincent: YB Hannah Yeoh oredi married la. But me as the next Anuar, kuhkuhkuhkuh……HOMOSHIRE!!

    Politics may sux, but that is what makes it interesting, so long money matters are wisely managed. Else, it’ll be too boring if Kera Jahanam become too quiet, Kerismudin stops waving keris, LKS stop becoming the “great white shark” of the parlimen, Karpal Singh stop feeding Utusan Malaysia “seditious” front page titles et cetera.

    The way it is now, it’s kinda fun to watch really, more fun than Death Note, yohohoho. Pop corns, anyone?

    Comment by tokmoh — May 9, 2008 @ 3:23 am | Reply

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