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April 30, 2008

[Anime] Ninin Ga Shinobuden – Review

Genres: comedy
Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Plot Summary: Shinobu is a naive ninja-in-training. In order to test her ninja abilites, she must steal the panties of all the high school girls. The first house she stops at is the abode of one Kaede Shiranui, who happens to catch Shinobu in the act. Kaeda is the voice of reason and the two girls become quick friends, despite a round yellow ball-thing who claims to be a ninja master and tries to get in the way of their friendship.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2004-07-07 to 2004-09-25
This could well be the funniest ever anime I’ve watched!! All 12 episodes have only one very focused purpose: to make you ROTLFMAO. Hard.
Finding a series that can match Gintama’s batshit insane-level of comedy has been futile in the past, and for the first time, I can safely say that I have found a worthy contender since I started to pick up Gintama 🙂 . The beauty of Gintama is that it has this “screw it, let’s just do it!!” attitude written all over everyone’s face, save for Shinpachi, which acts as the more moderate and dependable person. That should explain why he’s the most forgettable character in Gintama, and according to Kagura in ep50, the character with the least merchandise made.
Moving on, because of that, Gintama is very successful in capturing the most important aspect from the viewer to make it one beloved epic series: the emotional part (at least for me, what about the other Gintama viewers, I wonder?). I believe, the stronger the emotional effect an anime has on the viewer, the higher the expectation demanded from other series to match it, and when it didn’t, it became dull (like Soul Eater). Also, it means that it’ll be easier to overlook that series’ weakness, but much easier to spot other series’ mistakes.
Ninin Ga Shinobuden aka Ninja Nonsense, however decided to go up for the challenge, and and unlike most newer series that tried to be funny, this one, actually did become very, very funny. Keyword: “tried” vs “become”.
The highlight of the series and the source of comedy would be Onsokumaru, the yellow round perverted creature which can fly and shift shape. Just listening his slang alone can be funny enough to get me tickled, especially when he starts speaking Engrish, and there can be only one seiyuu that can achieve that without trying too hard: Norio Wakamoto. He’s otherwise well-known in voicing Father Alexander Anderson (Hellsing Ultimate OVA) to name one. Alexander Anderson is supposed to be unable to match Alucard’s sickness by default, however, Norio Wakamoto changes that, and got me into liking that Catholic Paladin more than that Protestant’s puppet, AMEN~~!!
The rest of the cast did a good job too, Sasuke the class president of Onsokumaru’s Ninja Academy, is definitely 1,000,000,000X much better than Naruto’s emo retard. That would have to be due to there are lots of identical ninjas in the academy, and that can only amplify his funny factor. He’s voiced by Tomokazu Seki, well known as Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic series), Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night), and Chiaki Shinichi (Nodame Cantabile).
Another win factor would be Rie Kugimiya lending her voice as Miyabi, Shinobu’s younger sister. She’s definitely one good seiyuu that’s guaranteed to make viewers remember her character, despite with very limited airtime.
As a conclusion, most of Ninja Nonsense’s characters also have the “screw it, let’s do it” attitude; Onsokumaru’s perverted thoughts, Sasuke’s exaggeration and silly antics, Shinobu’s naivety, Kaede moderating Onsokumaru and Sasuke, all jumbled together to make Ninja Nonsense a series to funnily remember. Right, time to get back to marathon Bamboo Blade.

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  1. lol.. stealing panties from high school girls as part of her training? wtf? better not watch too much anime tokmoh.. later go around stealing girls panties..

    Comment by vincent tan — May 5, 2008 @ 2:03 am | Reply

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