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April 23, 2008

My little corruption

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I have 2 friends who’re absolutely pathetic when it comes to phones. They’d chat over the phone endlessly even after the cows have come home and sleep and have sex, and give birth etc, and I’d get at least twice calls of “Azfar, nak transfer RM5 credit bole x?” every week since……I’ve lost count. But I do remember I had RM60 credit last Dec, and as of now, I’m left with RM13. As I’m typing this, I just got another msg to transfer RM5 credit again.

The good news is, I get to convert the credits to cash. The bad news is, I’m being completely ignorant to teach them any financial discipline. I complained at them a couple of times before, but to no effect. One of them even just changed his phone to a brand new RM1,200 Nokia 5610 Express Music. Yes, he’s the guy who’ve just requested another RM5 credit transfer. And who’d often ask for my Marlboro.

Then there’s the proposal for RM400 million to help crappy Proton vendors to build more istanas at times when the price of rice, mee etc have just rose. Reading the comments made me realise how I’ve been behaving exactly like the govt: I have the credit for myself from my dad (taxpayers), which I’d convert to cash through my frens (Proton vendors) to spend basically. It means my dad can give less weekly pocket money, but it still feels……wrong.

So you see, this complicated issue is caused by my two friends who’re financially bollocks, and my attitude of “they dun bother to improve themselves, I wouldn’t bother to discipline them (by refusing to give them credit transfer, and to prevent them from wasting time on calling girlfriends to tell them how crappy their day was. Everyday.)”. Suddenly, winning at least RM10 cash weekly feels more like losing actually.

Here I am, manly enough to confess my corruption, in the thought of teaching them a dear lesson in the later stage in life. I thought if I remain as it is giving credit transfer as always, they’ll suffer from their foolishness to remain ignorant when it comes to money matter after they grad, and that I believe by that time I will forget about them most of the time, little do I realise that I’m breeding a future Proton vendor. Because they’re bumi, and because they’ve always made fun of how I’m being pro-DAP, and the rhetoric “If you’re given AP/contract the ‘discreet way’, will u take it? Easy for you to say you’re anti AP-king/cronies, but IF YOU ARE given, will you take it?”, it worries me when I think what have I done.

Maybe I shouldn’t take the blame to myself only. Cuz there’ve been a couple of times they would just buy RM10 credit from 7-11 when I was actually left with RM8 (there must be at least RM4 left after transfer, so I couldn’t cuz I’ll be left with RM3 then), and they’ve done this quite often before I began transferring credit. Their addiction is their problem, I guess some people are just meant to be poor then. And I dare say 90% of the people around me are such. Dam right, Sufiah Yusof is the avatar of the people of my race: a race prostituted by money for being financially ignorant.

I’ve been called weirdo, eccentric, pro-DAP (the complete opposite of what the people of my race should be supporting), Protonian, etc, and it was a blessing indeed. Because I’ve always viewed the world differently than others around me, I found the freedom to investigate why the Chinese have always been thought to be the “whenever they made business, they’ll end up rich” race. The reason is ofter quoted to be because “they’re hardworking since they dun get bumi’s special rights”, truth is, I think it’s because they read financial books, and them BAM!!! They would “just do it”, and frankly, any human being of any race can become rich like that IMHO. It just so happen that more Chinese people are concerned with financial matter(s).

So I’ve stopped giving them credit transfer now, it’s only right to push them into a corner to make them realise their mistake. They need to remember the pain, the more the better. That Nokia 5310 guy is easier cuz the cost of his phone has just catalysed the process, I leave the rest to him.

And still, I feel he’ll grow up to become a Proton vendor. I have a few Kiyosaki’s book in my room, and nobody bothered to read it (except me obviously, I brought it there in the first place), with or without my permission. I’d love to see them read it, especially without my permission. That would reflect on their commitment to be financially educated.

Lastly, they should be referred as “uni-mates” at most actually. Calling them “friends” would show what kinda bad taste I have in choosing friends.




  1. Kiyosaki’s book? Which one? Rich Dad Poor Dad? Just googled him. So how was it?

    I’m sure u’re getting a lot of flak for your different views. Am I right?

    Comment by vincent — April 23, 2008 @ 4:14 am | Reply

  2. I have read:
    1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
    2. Cashflow Quadrant
    3. Rich Dad’s Prophecy
    4. Why We Want You to be Rich (written together with Donald Trump)
    5. Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards
    6. The Business School

    There’s tonnes more at home at my dad’s book shelf, hehe.

    They’re all very great books, it’s a real eye-opener!! Always thought Ferraris, Astons, villa, traveling around the world are just pipe dreams? That “study hard, get into top uni, get high paying job, live below your means, get out of debts” is the way of life? You might re-think after reading them. They’re more than just books advising on money matters, but the human aspect as well: your attitude, your core belief, etc.

    Heheh, I’m used to it. Those ‘frens’ always said “what’s gonna happen if DAP takes over Malaysia, Chinese become PM?” I thought in my head ‘What’s wrong with that if it means we can be financially as strong as Singapore? People no longer need to rempit then cuz they’ll be able to afford a car by that time.’, and then I just said “Well, they’ll do what we did to them all the while: marginalise us.” They’ll go “That cannot happen, you’ll be alrite cuz you have sisters in Ireland, what about us?” In my head I thought, ‘Well, serves you guys right for being financially ignorant.’ Then I said “Well, why don’t we be the Chinese then? Why don’t we work hard to become rich the Chinese way rather than the AP/contract the ‘discreet way’?” Then they’d give 1001 bloody excuses why bumis are disadvantaged. They have too much pride to change their core belief in approaching money. I have no idea what’s the price to pay to make them change it. Getting pushed to the corners perhaps. Lim Guan Eng for PM!!

    Money may not be everything, but everything is money. EVERYTHING. This post after all, is about financial ignorance, and the effects it has to bring out the worst of people. They may have a flashier phone than me, but little do most of the people they meet have any idea who funded most of their credits.

    Like it or not, the cost of living can only go up, and to me, the best counter-measure is to be more financially intelligent. If it means to wipe out the ignorant bumis (which would make up 90% of them I suppose) from Msia, so be it. Life’s a jungle, it’s a survival of the fittest. You’re weak, fuck off to your beloved Australia, UK, USA etc land of cheap BMWs. You’re strong, game on.

    Trouble is, in Msia right now, we have a disease to ‘spare the weak’ and ‘punish the strong’ by the color of their skin. That way, the weak appeared to look strong (AP kings), while the strong appeared to look weak (the few proper, good, rich people are looked down by the majority thanks to AP kings and cronies).

    Comment by tokmoh — April 23, 2008 @ 2:31 pm | Reply

  3. haih. apa nak buat?

    politician buat ekonomi.

    Comment by kevin — April 23, 2008 @ 9:48 pm | Reply

  4. hey man.. i know i may sound like the typical malay trying desperately to salvage some pride for the malays.. but did u know how far the malays have come since the british rule? did u know the malays was left in villages while the chinese was located in KL n Ipoh where the big money is… and by the time the malays migrate from the villages to KL, the chinese are already established… yes i may agree that the chinese are more hardworking than the malays.. and its easy for you to say that your educated about money and the rest of the malays are not… but why? if they came from villages, how are they supposed to know about money… their life is all about planting trees and paddy… i agree that your friend shouldnt have called u a treator to the malay race but hey, if your from a village and the DAP leader (lim guan eng) threatens to abolish the NEP, wouldnt u be scared? wouldnt u be scared of being the indians in malaysia (godbless them)…marginalised? or for that matter being the malays in singapore? i guessed by now you would probably be saying ‘yeah yeah blah blah…” but think for a sec, of course DAP would be a more efficient government and more transparent, but would they give a damn about the malays? my honest answer would definitely be no… even in their campaign they are saying ‘a vote for barisan is a vote for UMNO’? why? they are playing the racial sentiment here… a vote for barisan would mean the chinese would be still be the same…rich economically but no political power…n DAP is the only way the chinese might get the political power… this is why i dont agree with DAP.. its because they play the racial sentiment… im not saying the rest dont play the racial sentiment.. umno has its own problem wit the keris thingy… so think for a second..
    your malay friends are just thinking about their survival… thanks again..

    Comment by Syed — May 8, 2008 @ 10:39 pm | Reply

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