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April 7, 2008

How can I boycott Dutch Lady?!?!

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The recent fitna movie really caused a stir lately, leading to various calls for boycott of Dutch products.

Bollocks. The Dutch govt condemns such acts and rejected it. And besides, why do we need to respond to the movie anyway? That could only lead to speculation that it is true after all that Islam is as what the movie is portraying. It’s false, so what? Move on with life then, action speaks louder than words, and this action of boycotting is just childish. Instead, demonstrating better governance, transparency, cleanliness would do much help for that particular Dutch joker to see that Islam is a good religion. Come on Islam Hadhari, show me that you can really improve our country’s corruption index, press freedom, economic strength, etc. Or you’re just one of romPAK LAH’s NATO (no action, talk only) slogan?

There’s no way I’m gonna give up my Dutch Lady pasteurized strawberry milk for this. Or support for Kimi (Shell is Dutch).

Sauce 1

Sauce 2



  1. Try googling ‘Sleeping PM’ …and u will be amazed…hahahahaha….

    Okay, i am not worthy to comment anything on religion.. in the name of religion, wars have battled against races and blood spilled all over for centuries…

    Therefore, let’s live in peace…hahaha….

    Comment by Grace — April 7, 2008 @ 7:02 pm | Reply

  2. on fitna. i find that the movie is too one sided. i still believe that not one single religion in this world promotes any form of violence.

    it just happen that extremist jihad asses bombed WTC. boycott dutch lady gila ke? shell i would. DONT OFFER ME JOB LA.

    grace: wahhh u politician answer le.

    Comment by kevin — April 7, 2008 @ 11:10 pm | Reply

  3. Well.. I have to agree with you Moh on the boycott. But I still dun accept some principles of Islam. Some of it not all.. Let’s not start a war in here. I’m sorry if I offended anyone reading my comment.

    This reminds me of the caricature of Prophet Muhammad.. It was done by Dutch right? lol.. Why la they always wan cari susah?

    Comment by vincent — April 8, 2008 @ 5:10 pm | Reply

  4. Grace: he edi announced he’s gonna retire when the time comes………which I expect will be much sooner than he thought, yohohohoho.

    My fren can’t wait Najib to rise, he’d predict Najib can lead aggressively ala DrM, although he’d admit that like DrM, he’s might also gonna be quite corrupted etcetc. Wait n see oni lah……

    Kevin: Korek korek korek. Extremist comes from any religion and race. That Bush is more gangster than Osama, yet he gets voted for 2nd term. Moral of the story: more powderful extremist pwns less powderful extremist through media and military.

    Vincent: You dun accept cuz got brainwashed by MSM kah? Yohohoho, but I learnt at school that Islam must be approached from the heart, that’s why it’s not an agama paksaan 😉 . It’s just that once a muslim, then…just follow the rules lah!! So it’s entirely all right if you dun accept it if you’re not a muslim.

    IMHO, Tok Guru Hadi Awang said the words out of my mouth, that an Islamic state is not practical in Malaysia, but the good Islamic concepts can be adapted which can suit everyone regardless of religion. Just look at Islamic banking system, even non-muslims like it bcuz they believe it’s better than traditional banking system (right? This is told by the MSM, yohohoho). Regarding laws, well, I believe there should be two separate laws: for muslims, and for non-muslims. Surely it has some kinda benefit, right Grace? Imagine gold shops in Malaysia no longer need to hire security guards. It saddened me that some time last year, a security guard was shot dead at Subang Parade (the incident happened just a few hours after I had dinner there and left!!), and the robbers flee. Kesian that pak cik, he’s been serving there for quite a long time 😥 . Crimes are generally done by foreign workers and locally, by mat rempits, so they kene potong tangan, then it’s their fault la……we’ll see less rempits become snatch thief, foreign workers will work harder to earn money without resorting to risking getting their hands chopped. Oh I forgot another very big fish thieves: cronies, muahahahahaha. See if they dare to still wanna curi rakyat’s money or not, muahahahahahahahaha.

    Yeah, it was done by a Dutch newspaper, but God, look at how some ‘muslims’ respond to it. I think they even burnt embassy or something, but I did remember they’re horrible. Since then, I couldn’t be bothered to deny any insults towards Islam, cuz until the day those extremists stop using ‘Islam’ to justify their action, forget about seeing the end of such provocations.

    I gotta quote from Donald Trump, “In business (and religion and life too basically), it doesn’t really matter if you’re street-smart or book-smart. All you need is just *points his finger to his head* be smart.”

    Comment by tokmoh — April 9, 2008 @ 12:56 am | Reply

  5. omg. you commenting ke posting ni?

    vincent : the bumis in the country kira baik lo. imagine if malaysia was chinesia.

    long ago the cinas go eradicate the bumis.

    Comment by kevin — April 9, 2008 @ 10:33 am | Reply

  6. tokmoh : No tak kena brainwash lagi.. Not yet I hope. Yes it might be extreme to chop off a robbers hand or stoning the Mat Rempits. But gimme a Hell Yeah! They do deserve that! I do not oppose that.

    What I really felt uncomfortable is that.. How do I say this? Ok. I knew a few hot Malay babes, without tudung n outgoing n fun. Deep down inside them they are religious, as in they attend their prayers n do wat they have to do. The thing is I don’t mind dating a girl from another race. But things start to get complicated if you go one step beyond. Yes I’m talking about marriage, not that I want to marry one right now. I feel that it’s kinda imposed on you that you have to join Islam if you were to marry a Muslim.

    There are a few more concept that I feel is not right. You don’t have to explain if you don’t want to, argh I mean if I ever sound like I’m insulting please stop me. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Suddenly this post turned out to be about Islam. Tokmoh you know what I love about u? You are open n willing to talk about everything. Tak takut ditangkap ISA, tak takut backlash from your own people. The MSM have potrayed Islam in a bad light ever since Sept 11. Please do enlighten me.

    No no I dun c it as a bad bad religion. It’s just another religion just like others. Btw you want the Malay babe contact? lol.. Penang babe.. Chun giler… lol..

    Comment by vincent — April 10, 2008 @ 2:47 pm | Reply

  7. Kevin: for that possible reason, the bumis gotta stop depending on the NEP tongkat and start learning to take care of their own skin. Money may not be everything, but EVERYTHING is money. The chinese are powderful everywhere in the world bcuz they generally have better grasp in financial education and hardworking, for why else can there be Chinatown in UK, US and God knows what other countries?

    PKR’s MEA, DAP’s economic policy whatever it may be, it can only mean the weak will have a hard time regardless of race (although it’ll have a bigger impact on the bumis and indians I suppose), it’ll be a survival of the fittest.

    Vincent: Oh……cuz u hv a crush with a malay girl kah? lolololol

    Truthfully, I had a crush with a kawaii~~ Chinese girl before, and that kinda made me wonder how difficult inter-religion love is. At times like that, it felt kinda cruel if she’ll convert not from the heart, and if I can ever be knowledgeable enough to guide a newly convert, religiously speaking :S

    Comment by tokmoh — April 11, 2008 @ 4:33 am | Reply

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