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April 3, 2008

[English Movie] The Secret

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Right, I feel like writing a review of a great movie, which is actually a motivational show rather than an action-packed or romantic comedy story.

Based on the book by Rhonde Byrne

Today, more than ever, if compared to a few years ago, my eyes have been opened by the internet. It helped me to see that the world is not as all-flowery as the news of the mainstream media (MSM) seem to give. Well, it’s kinda obvious actually, cause they’re nothing more than just the BN’s propaganda machine for the rural folks to keep voting for them.
But the board has been set, the pieces have been arranged, what is your next step? Do you complain your opponent is too powerful, or you have the wrong color, or the knight’s move is too gay? Or you’d rather calm yourself down, and plan your way to slice-and-dice your way to checkmate?

Well, this movie is exactly the kind of movie one should watch to be a winner!! It revolves around explaining the law that governs the universe: The Law of Attraction. It is a law that states that whatever you think about, you are attracting what you’re thinking about, regardless whether you’re liking it or hating it. Remember Aladdin and the Genie? Well, imagine if you just ask, and the genie would reply “your wish is my command,” and that is how basically The Law of Attraction works!! It’s all in the mind of what you wish and want to believe is achievable and true, cool huh?

=< : Yea, yea, as if……

=> : o rly? How about the story told in The Secret about a man who pasted a picture of his dream home? Since the day he wished for it to become a reality someday, The Universe begins to arrange events, going through a process until one day, it’s finally completed. True enough five years later, he moved in to his new house, and when his son sat on a box which is among piles of boxes moved from his old home, his son began to ask “what’s in this box?” The man then opened it, took out a small board and explained that it is his dream board, where he’ll paste what he dreams to achieve. To his shock that brought him to tears, he saw the picture of the house he’s currently living in. That moment, he realised the power of The Law of Attraction.

=< : oh, come on, that’s probably just a co-incidence.

=> : Oooh, there is no coincidence, for if you believe in God, this is all but His game of fate (V for Vendetta, anyone?). For it is you, that creates your own destiny, that all, without your conscious mind even realise of it. It is all, done by the work of the more superior sub-conscious mind, say whatever you may, but it is all realised by the side of you that you may never know of its great potential and never learn how to tame it.

=< : ok, alrite, alrite, but hey, surely the world’s not enough for all of us to be rich, right? I mean no matter what, surely there’s gotta be poor people, like Tokyo, New York, London, Paris. There are people who sleep in boxes even in the most prestigious cities in the world such as those. There’s no way KL can escape that urban fact, right?
=> : then it is all-too-sad for me to tell you that you have believed the lie spread by everyone you’ve been surrounded all the while.

=< : what? What lie?

=> : That the world, is actually, an abundant of resources!! The world, can give more than enough for everyone to live as they dream to be!!

=< : Really? But I’ve never got the chance to, it never came to me. You know, as they say, opportunities don’t knock twice.

=> : “Your wish is my command,” patience, young padawan. You’ve just mentioned opportunities don’t knock twice, right? Why did you blow your first one?

=< : I have to talent, I can’t be-

=> : Take charge of your life!! The choice is in your hand!! Ever heard the tale of a wise guru confronting a narcissist king who believed he’s the wisest of them all? The king hold a bird and ask the guru “O wise man, for if you’re truly wise, surely you can tell me whether this bird I have is dead or alive?” The wise answered “If I say it’s dead, you’ll let go of it and the bird will fly away. If I say it’s alive, you’ll squash it to death, so the REAL answer is the choice is in your hand.” Yes, the choice is indeed in your hand!! Believe in yourself that you can!!

=< : That’s very difficult…

=> : Then don’t believe in yourself.

=< : Eh? What did you just say?

=> : I’m saying, you just need to believe in ME, who believes in YOU!!

=< : That’s from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

=> : Right…

Well, I guess this little conversation I made up can sort of give an idea of WHO you need to be in order to take control of your life and be more independent regardless of whoever that governs us and how much petrol price will increase. Just ask for more, and you will get it!! The moment you start to just think about it, the universe starts to arrange events that will lead you to it, and when the process is done, it will present to you hints and then it will be entirely up to you: “the choice is in your hand”. This surely requires a lot of faith in yourself, but if you can’t, then you don’t have to. You’ll just need to believe in ME, who believes in YOU!!

Here’s a great quote from my all-time favourite comedy anime, Gintama to start changing your life’s perspective:

“Instead of thinking how to die beautifully, isn’t it better to live life beautifully until the end?”

-Sakata Gintoki aka Shiroyasha (White Demon)



  1. hey u never told me you took up blogging again?

    Comment by kevin — April 3, 2008 @ 10:06 pm | Reply

  2. Well, yeah. I suppose I’ve wanted to blog all awhile, and that it’s just a bit more fulfilling than just being a commenter in other blogs and forums.

    Only thing is, I wish to ‘throw away’ the ‘wordpress.com’ to just ‘tokmoh.com’, and then there’s that I wanna install wordpress, but got confused when trying to do it myself, with the mySQL thingy la n all, that sort of partly contributed to why I abandoned this blog……or just leaving as this blog is rite now is ok?

    Comment by tokmoh — April 4, 2008 @ 12:36 am | Reply

  3. hhmmmm…. just dropping by, sorry haven’t got the time to reply ur email… but i am sure we will update each other through reading each other’s blog…

    Comment by Grace — April 4, 2008 @ 1:06 am | Reply

  4. umm.. you wanna throw away the wordpress thing la.

    have to pay yearly for domain name and server le.

    Comment by kevin — April 4, 2008 @ 2:21 pm | Reply

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