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April 2, 2008

They’re at it again, even worse.

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‘They’, would refer to environmentalists aka hypocrites.

First, they blamed car enthusiasts like me because our passion for Ferraris, Lamborghinis make the sky sick. Face it. You’re too poor to buy a car and blame it on car owners for the warmer world today, it’s probably because your stupid work to save the world is too unprofitable, you can’t even get food into your stomach and had to use your body fat instead, so you’d get thinner and you feel warmer than you used to. The thought of working to become rich never crossed their minds, and that’s why they’ll never live a fulfilling life of owning Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

However, since 90% of the world is not in the rich category (including me, but will be, yohohoho!!), they’re easily influenced. Then there’s Al Gore who’d point at a cute baby polar bear drowning, and it only helped to further win their cause to drag everyone into their pathetic miserable life. Sorry, you can’t win me, not even the slightest chance, cause I’ve already been won over by Donald Trump, Robert T Kiyosaki and Jeremy Clarkson. They’re rich, they have a life to envy, nuff said. Why should I then listen to poor retards who thinks turning off all the lights an hour a day can nourish crops, bring in the rains and help pandas to be more sexually active?

Apparently, or rather unfortunately, they were serious, and many took it for real. Some Subang Jayan did fell into their trap and decided to waste an hour instead of doing…whatever things they were doing originally.

Ok. I’m a pure Subang Jayan resident since I was born. Every morning, and I mean like at 6am, is still very cold, noon time is obviously hot, but ain’t hell-ish as Sepang, and I have yet to be boiled alive whenever I step outside the house. On a national level, Malaysia is still some of the greenest countries in the world. We should be enjoying instead of torturing ourselves to ‘save the world from global warming’. We already did our bit, cheer up, and chill out.

Right, here comes the sighing and cries to God spitting “why is today’s youngsters so ignorant?” Well, you know what? My house is full of trees thanks to my mom who has an obsession with gardening, in fact, I hated every time she’d get the grass cutter to ‘trim’ the biggest tree in the garden ‘a bit’. I’ve helped her to plant or water the plants too, I’m making more oxygen so I can still breathe while those environmentalists choke to death because their fantasies just don’t work.

And then there’s some things that don’t achieve their target. We make electrical goods so we can save time, but some things got slower. Rice cooker to name one, it’s actually slower to cook rice for 2-3 people than using gas stove to cook enough rice for 5-6 people.

That’s not all, there’s the washing machine too. When my mom’s not doing the laundry for me, anytime, I’d rather use the traditional method using a pail of warm water and soap. Just soak your clothes before you get in and bathe, then scrub it when you’re done scrubbing yourself clean. Washing machine just can’t do it faster, though it maybe more clean (debatable) and less tiring, but hey, we’re saving a planet right? And we won’t stretch some muscle for the dear planet we’re living in, so that we can buy time to go out there and protest to show our concern for the planet? How much more hypocritical can one get? This applies to dishwasher as well. Working in a restaurant before, I don’t find it more effective than the good 2 hands we have. It’s no wonder the perception that home-cooked foods are cleaner is arguably true, even if mothers don’t usually get Michelin ratings.

Think I couldn’t care less for the world? Maybe you should look into yourself, environ-mental-ists.



  1. 60 Earth Hours. It’s the same concept as the World Silent Day. Turning off all those electrical n electronics gadgets for a period of time. What a waste of time. Yes it does save energy cumulatively but how far will it push back the needle on the Global Warming clock?

    Comment by vincent @ [azeroth] — April 2, 2008 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

  2. I’d say very little.

    Anytime promoting to plant more greens would be more efficient and will make Mother Nature happy. I’m positive she’ll never appreciate the sight of us humans wasting time depriving ourselves from the pleasure of life for her sake.

    Comment by tokmoh — April 2, 2008 @ 3:19 pm | Reply

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