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April 1, 2008

Phone-natic matter…

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It’s been a week since I’ve finally use the phone my sister gave me as a camera & walkman phone, rather than as a mp3 player.

It’s a Sony…-Ericsson w810i

The phone arrived last February, as my sister brought it from Dublin. It was originally bought way back in 3rd quarter last year, joy oh joy, when it finally arrived, I was one happy lad, and then noticed an ironic fact: it’s made in Malaysia. I was like “this phone took the trouble to be shipped or flown to Ireland, locked by an Irish phone service provider, sold for RM150, only to return to its homeland like what, 7 months later?” Whatever, it’s a hell of waiting, and it ain’t over as it took about a week to unlock.

Then, things went ugly.

It couldn’t receive signal too well. So it was sent back to the shop only to be told that the integrated circuit (IC, a spider-like chip) broke. It took about 3 weeks for it be get fixed, which felt like an eternity. How can replacing a single chip takes that long? When it’s finally done, another problem crept up: the volume button is broken, so I can’t tune up the volume or zoom in a pic I snap. It didn’t stop there. Now my earplugs have been written off.

WTF IS WITH SONY-E’S QC!!!! What are they, ex-proton staffs which have been fired by Syed Zainal?!?! Seriously, I’ve never been impressed by other Sony variants, there’s the all-style overpriced Vaio laptop, photographically inferior Cybershot camera than any Nikon or Canon, the Walkman which no longer can live up to its glorious days as the king, which now belongs to Apple’s ipod, and now this. Sigh…

The Nokia 5300 I temporarily used before

This Nokia is inferior in many ways, but definitely it’s a case of “you get what you pay”, that is, if we were to compare with the official w810i’s retail price. But it’s never inferior in quality, it’s earphone works well after 6-hours of usage (yes, that’s how old my w810i’s earplug lasted), and I have to say, it’s much more stylish and easier to text with bigger keypads. The only grouse I had with this phone is that its LCD didn’t turn off completely when it’s not needed to, which may attribute to why its battery need to be recharged more often. Its 1.3 megapix camera snaps acceptable quality of image, though still inferior to w810i’s 2.0megapix, but then again, who cares? Who’d really notice such image is taken with a 1.3 or 2.0 megapix camera? It works, and that matters most for a phone, and I still wonder why there’s so much of anti-Nokia lately. Badge snobbery? Heck, not to a Sony, at least to me. They’ve still a long way to go to win me.

But life has to go on. I’m not aware of what my phone’s upcoming diseases, but I guess I’ll have to make do with it. At least until when I can get an iphone, yohohoho.


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