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April 1, 2008

Oh dear, the ‘pirate’ is the bad guys now? Mattaku……

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A news I just read in lowyat.net’s shrine:

Tokyo Anime Center Posts “Stop! Fan-Subtitle” Notice

So the Japanese thinks fan-sub anime is a form of internet piracy. What I don’t get is this phrase: ” Don’ t make it! Don’ t watch it!! Don’t download it!!!”

How can one put a stop to what one likes and WANT to do? It’s as the name suggest, done by fan voluntarily not because they HAVE to do, but because the WANT to for the pleasure of sharing it with the rest of the non-Japanese speaking audience, they’ve even pledged not to do it for money. This should be seen as a free advertising, promoting the artistic side of the elusive Japan, a country I used to hear of about eating their food raw, making cars for the sake of money save for Honda, and fancy kimonos. But joy oh joy, had I not known anime and J-dorama (Japanese drama), I wouldn’t have felt my life as satisfying as today.

To put an end to it is just cruel. But right now, it’s all up to them. For me, I can only pray the proposal’s rejected.

Come to think of it, could this decision came up because of Singapore which started this anti-fansub animes?


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